The Holiday Table Setting in 20 Minutes

Since us Canadians had Thanksgiving over a month ago, I have been holding off going into full holiday mode too early this year.  I adore the holidays, all the twinkling lights, champagne, occasional snow fall and, of course, dinner parties!  I wanted to refresh my holiday table setting this year but not break the bank. I found Wayfair had so many wonderful holiday options for every budget!  Check out their holiday décor page for more ideas, and make sure you create an inspiration board to bring your holiday table together.

I am very lucky to be working with Wayfair on this Holiday Table in Under 20 Minutes.  During the holidays it’s so nice to have friends over, but working full time during the week is exhausting! The idea of setting up for a dinner party can seem overwhelming.  I thought I would show you how to set up a holiday table in 3 simple steps, with enough time to relax before your guests arrive!

1. THEME – Before you start, make you sure you know what your theme is!  I wanted to create a classic holiday table setting with reds, greens and gold.  I really liked the idea of lots of greenery and florals with a pop of gold.  Since our every day dinnerware is neutral I wanted to add a few bright items to create the holiday vibe.

2. MATERIALS – After you know the theme it is easy to get your materials together.  I had the base for my table setting, but wanted to add a little pop, with help from Wayfair I added the gold plates, red napkins, and coupe glass, plus the green garland and holiday themed florals.  It was really only a few items to pull together, which made gathering the materials pretty easy.

3. SETTING – Once you know your theme, have the materials you need for your table setting, you are ready to get started!  I think the key is making sure you gather everything close by the table and lay everything out all at once.  This saves so much time, you are not running around everywhere trying to set the table.

Trust me when I say this takes 20 minutes to create!  You know saving time and money are my two favorite things. I also found shopping online at Wayfair so simple. Since I knew I wanted to use our existing plates for the Holiday Table Setting in 20 Minutes I was looking to find items to make a statement.  I created my holiday inspiration board and started saving images I was drawn to.  At the end of all my saving, I may have gone overboard, I could easily look at the pieces I loved and see what matched my theme!

Ready to try your own Holiday Table Setting in 20 Minutes?  Download my free printable for the 20 MINUTE TABLE SETTING GUIDE. Keep an eye out in the next little bit for my DIY napkins and this delicious champagne cocktail.

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