7 Frugal Summer Adventures

Summer Adventures

I posted this list last year and wanted to bring it back to inspire you!

I was thinking about summer the other day and all the things I want to do, then realized how much all of my potential ideas might cost.  I am starting a list of FRUGAL SUMMER ADVENTURES.  If you have any to add to the list, comment below!!

I wanted to remind myself that having a great summer doesn’t mean heading out of town or spending a lot of money, there are a lot of fun things to do in the city or close by!

1) CAMPING! It’s easy, affordable and you can most likely find a spot to camp within an hours drive of the city.  I found a few spots that were quiet and only $15 per night.

* A great way to get started is to check out Craigslist, I found camping packages for $100 including tent, lantern, stove etc.  Not a huge investment and you are getting everything in one place.

* Another great place to try would be second-hand or resale outdoor stores.  They are selling items at a fraction of the cost and you know they are still in great shape.

* Research areas near your city, ask friends, I am sure there are gems to be found that are close and easy to access.

* Have fun!  Camping is not supposed to be stressful, it’s about getting out of the city and enjoying the great outdoors.  There might be bugs, your beer might be warm, you might forget something, it’s all part of the adventure.

2) DAY TRIPS!  The other weekend we decided to drive an hour out of the city, it was a lot of fun.  We ended up on a dirt road that took us to the most beautiful lake in the middle of nowhere.

* Be adventurous.  Look at the map and pick a spot! Could be a lake, river, local hike, or new attraction.

* Take recommendations from friends or family members.

* If you end up in a spot you didn’t plan on, enjoy it!

3) PICNICS! Such a simple thing, but can be so fun!

* This could be a date night or a potluck for a large group, both are fun!

* Bring some games to play, or plan the picnic at sunset, or bike to a secret spot!

* It doesn’t have to be fancy!  Picnics can be as simple as cheese and crackers, but there is something about sitting on a blanket that takes it to the next level.

4) FISHING! Ok I realize everyone might not be into this, but you can always catch and release if you don’t want to keep the fish.

* A license in BC is only $35 for the year!  That’s a steal!

* Find lakes and rivers close to the city, so it is an easy day trip.

* Fishing is all about being out in nature, not so much about catching fish, or at least that’s what I tell myself!

* Again you can find affordable starter rods on Craigslist or at a used outdoor store!

5) CHECK OUT FREE FESTIVALS IN THE CITY!  There are so many amazing festivals that happen in the city throughout the summer, make sure to check the calendar so you don’t miss them!

* It could be a trip to the farmers market, a city event like car free day or perhaps an outdoor music festival!

* There are so many events that happen throughout the summer, but you have to look for them sometimes!

* Try something new!  Maybe there’s a folk festival or a food fair, try something new!

6) FARM ADVENTURES!  I feel like ever city has farms and they usually have tours or you can at least visit them during certain times.

* Search farms in your area, and make a day of it!

* Here in Vancouver we have Circle Farm Tour where you can pick a map then do a driving tour!  There’s goat farms, cheese, honey, flowers, so many!

* Farms are fun!  Plus you can always get some locally grown produce or cheese or flowers!

7) BIKE RIDES I realize everyone might not have a bike but they are easy enough to rent for a few hours.

*It’s a great way to explore the city.

*During the summer months when it is hot by biking you can save money on gas and parking by using your bike as transportation.

*You can see an area from a whole different view.

*Easy way to spend a whole day exploring.

Ok those are a few ideas I had for summer adventures!  I hope you find some  great ideas and save some money by staying close to home!

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