7 Frugalista Tips On How To Refresh Your Space

Spring is in the air and although I am busy packing I have been thinking a lot about decorating!  Spring is a great time to purge items you no longer need but I think it is also perfect for redecorating.  I always love moving items around in my home because when I do it refreshes the space and the item can somehow feel new again.

7 Frugalista Tips On How To Refresh Your Space

  1. New Fabric – Let’s be honest we all get bored with our throw pillows eventually!  Instead of going out and spending money on new pillows I am in favour of buying new material to cover your old pillows.  It will cost a fraction of the price and you will get to custom choose the design.
  2. Paint An Old Item – Painting an item to give it new life is easy and allows you to customize the color.  There are so many option with chalk paint and spray paint that it’s fairly simply to paint any object now!
  3. Move Décor Around – Small décor items are easy to move around.  By moving an item from one room to another can give it new life and spruce up a different room.  For example I have this great vintage fan that was sitting in my bedroom where no one could see it, by moving it out to the living room, it added a great piece of character and was finally featured where people could see it!
  4. Change Your Artwork – I am very fortunate to have acquired a few pieces of art over the years for very affordable prices.  An easy way to refresh a room is to change the artwork on your walls.  My idea for the new space is to have a black and white gallery wall!
  5. Sell An Item to Get An Item – I love Craigslist, you all know this!  I realized lately I love it because it allows me to change my décor sometimes without spending a dime.  A little while ago I wanted a new coffee table, so I sold our old one and searched for something new on Craigslist. I found a great industrial coffee table and spent the money I made from my old one!  Win win.
  6. Change A Light Fixture – It is amazing what changing a light fixture can do.  When I moved into the space I’m in now there was a huge, ugly light fixture that hung down in the dining room, I found an affordable chandelier to replace it and completely changed the look and feel of the room.
  7. Take Away An Item – Sometimes to revamp a room we don’t need to add anything but take something away.  I don’t think I realized this until recently when I took out the rug from our living room because we no longer need it for the new space.  By taking the rug away it opened up the space and made it feel bigger.

I hope one of these tips helps you with your spring revamp!  There are so many ways to redecorate your space without spending a fortune.  Best of luck all you frugalista’s!

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