7 Long Weekend Essentials

7 Long Weekend Essentials

7 Long Weekend Essentials

1. The Bag – Ok this may not be the most important but it is for me!  Whether you are driving or flying you need a great bag.  Preferably one that is small enough to carry with ease but big enough to fit everything you need.  I love this carpet bag I found at Value Village for $10, it’s durable and has a lot of room.

2. A Hat – Hats are important for any vacation whether it is cold and you want to keep warm or the sun is shining and you want to protect yourself from the blazing sun.  Find a stylish hat that can easily go in bag or you will be carrying it around the whole trip, trust me, I have been there.  Green wool hat $30, somewhere in Spain.

3. Jean Joggers – Yes you heard me right, Jean Joggers.  These are perfect for any long weekend.  They are comfortable, look like jeans and are great for travelling as they are lightweight.  Thank you Mavi for making this amazing pair $40.

4. Music – No road trip is complete without an amazing playlist.  I am loving Spotify right now.  I have the package with no ads and I can download songs or playlists, so when I lose my cell service I don’t have to worry about losing my music as well.  Spotify monthly subscription $9.99 or free if you are a Rogers customer!

5. Water Bottle – My swell water bottle if my favorite travel companion.  Not only is it stylish and small enough to fit in my purse but keeps my water cold. I can fill it up wherever I go and save money by not having to purchase water!  Swell water bottle $40, although I was lucky enough to get it as a gift.

6. Warm Socks – This might only be me, but I always pack a pair of warm socks to wear at night, I like the cozy feeling and it saves room in my bag because I am not packing my slippers.  Yes I am an old lady who loves slippers.  Roxy wool socks $6.99

7. Nut Mix – I always have this in the car and it will last the weekend, well unless it’s so delicious you eat it on the first day!  I make my own nut mix from what is in the cupboard, today I had dried cherries, almonds and chocolate chips (yes they need to be in there or what is the point of trail mix).  Cost to make, minimal, as I buy everything in bulk.

Hope you have a safe and funfilled long weekend!

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