A Front Door Yarn Hanger for Under $5

As I was putting away the Halloween décor this past week, I was brainstorming how to revamp my front door.  I felt like it was too early for my holiday banner and wanted something to  transition into fall.  I found this gold hoop at Dressew in Vancouver for only $3.99 while I was looking for other material but bought it just in case.  I remembered I had some yarn leftover from another project, so decided to make a yarn door hanger.

STEP 1: Figure out the length you want the yarn.

I decided to go for double the size of the hoop.  I made one piece of yarn as my piece to measure against.

STEP 2: Cut the Yarn

Use the piece you’ve cut to cut the other pieces of yarn.  I did 6 pieces of the thicker yarn and 12 pieces of the thinner.

STEP 3: Loop the Yarn

Take the yarn and loop it over so the ends are even, then place it behind the gold hoop.

STEP 4: Pull Yarn Over

Take the loop over the top of the gold hoop.

STEP 5: Pull Yarn Through

Grab the yarn strands in the centre of the loop and pull through.

STEP 6: Pull Tight

Once you have the yarn through the loop, pull tight so it doesn’t come apart.

Then I decided the yarn hanger needed a little more so used my pompom maker to create a handful of pompoms to go on the side of the gold hoop (I attached them simply by typing them on). I really love this pompom maker, as it’s easy to use and creates really fluffy pompoms.

Here’s the final product, what do you think?  Pretty good for a 20 minute DIY, using leftover yarn and the gold hoop that only cost $3.99.

I am so happy with how this yarn project turned out.  It only took about 20 minutes to make and cost $3.99 for the gold hoop.  I had this yarn from a WALL HANGING I made last year and thought the colours would be great for fall.

If you are looking to make something similar I would suggest downloading the Michael’s Craft Store app.  (This is not sponsored, I simply love the new app!)  You have the app on your phone, so you can easily see the new sale items as well as download and use any coupons in store with ease.

Loving the oversized pompoms!  They are easy to make with the pompom maker and great for so many projects!  Anyone else change up their door décor for fall?

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