A Simple DIY Holiday Napkin

Of course I can’t simply create a beautiful table setting!  I have to add in a DIY!  I thought adding tassels to the napkins was a fun way to add a little festive touch to the table on a budget.  Wayfair sent over these beautiful Cranberry Napkins, they are now on sale for $29.99 for a set of 10! (You can also get different colours depending on your table setting.)

Adding tassels to everything (blankets, napkins, shirts, so many ideas) is really easy!  All you need is the material, in this case I use a thin white and gold thread, scissors and a piece of cardboard.

Ok let’s get started on this 5 minute DIY! First place a small piece of string on top of the cardboard, this is what you will use to tie the tassel together at the end. Make sure the knot is tight!

Start winding the string around the piece of cardboard, making sure not to loose that little piece at the top.  I usually figure out how full I want my tassel and then count how many times I go around.  Since this string in the tutorial is a bit thicker than what I used for the napkin I went around 40 times.

Once you are finished winding around, cut the end of the string.

Then cut down the bottom of the cardboard.  Don’t worry about your string, it won’t all fall apart since it is tied at the top.

Next cut a small string, this will go around the tassel to create the little head.  Make sure it is long enough to blend in with the rest of the tassel once tied.

You will notice your tassel is a little uneven on the bottom, this happens. Simply hold the tassel with one hand and trim with the other, you are trying to make the bottom of the tassel uniform.

After I had all my tassels I simply sewed them onto each corner of the napkin.  Easy as that!  I honestly watched a holiday movie while making these one Sunday.

If you missed my 20 Minute Table Setting presented by Wayfair, make sure to check it out. I love throwing dinner parties over the holidays but don’t like spending a lot of time setting up.  It’s always nice to have a beautiful table setting when hosting, so check out the blog post for the free printable to help you set up in a flash.


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