A Spring Outfit for Under $150

This outfit might be my new favorite for casual Friday.  The lightweight green sweater is made by J.Crew and I scored it for $4.50 at the Salvation Army Thrift Store 50% off sale.  The sweater is quickly becoming my go to for these spring days.  This weather is horrible, not really warm but not cold either.  This style of sweater is perfect as I don’t need a jacket and it’s great for the office with the A/C.

As it’s spring I have also been walking a lot.  You can see these floral velvet shoes are slightly worn in!  I found these shoes for $30 at Winners and they are made by Aerosole.  They have a great look but are really comfortable, which means I don’t have to wear runners when I out walking this spring.  I am a huge fan of fashionable but comfortable shoes.  Anyone else?

You know I am in love with affordable fashion and thrifting, but that doesn’t mean I am against more expensive items.  Take the MVMT watch, for example, it was $115 which is 80% of the price of this outfit but I think it is an investment piece.  I will have this watch for a really long time and the design is timeless.

Let’s breakdown this Frugal Fashion Friday Outfit, any guesses?

J.Crew Sweater: $4.50 (Salvation Army Thrift Store), Mavi Jeans: Free (I worked an event like 7 years ago, lol, good quality jeans), Floral Shoes: $30 (Winners), MVMT Watch: $115




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