Lately I can’t seem to figure out this work/life balance thing. It sways one way then the other never finding a middle ground. In the chaos of life the blog is always the first thing to go and this is the most disappointing to me because it’s what I love to do the most. 

I regularly talk about living your best life on a budget but what happens when I’m sticking to the budget but not living my best life? 

In case you think I have the luxury of blogging full time, let me fill you in on my current schedule. I work full time during the week in an office (40+ hours), audition on my lunch hours, wedding planning on the side, work on the blog after work or on weekends and other times at 5am. If I don’t take time on the weekends for the blog and go away or take time for myself the blog doesn’t happen. And sometimes I honestly feel like what’s the point? I go online and see blogs that are someone’s full time job, they are lucky enough to spend their days creating, possibly with the support of a team and think I’ll never be able to keep up or produce the same content, it’s just impossible. That’s my own side note, pity party, but I had to include it! Lol!

I am definitely sticking to my budget and have saved a lot of money recently but now need to focus on living my best life. Don’t get me wrong I am very fortunate and have a wonderful life, I simply want to bring more of what I love to do into the every day.  It doesn’t mean what’s been happening is wrong, it simply might not be working now and I need to make a shift. Perhaps you’re living your best life but not on a budget so are stressed about money or maybe you’re living a frugal life but working so hard to save you don’t find time for fun. Whatever is going on in your life if there’s an area that’s not working then maybe taking a minute to see how you could make a change might create a shift in your current situation.

This is where I am at, producing a shift.  Taking a moment to step back and think about where I want to focus my energy.  I have been going above and beyond at work, with extra hours and skipped lunch hours, but that leaves me depleted and not really further ahead.  As of this week I am no longer going to do this unless absolutely necessary.  I am also going to look at my time each week so I am allocating it before the week starts and can set aside space for what I love like yoga, the blog and perhaps a little me time.  If I take time to schedule conference calls, I can set aside time to book myself into the schedule.

I thought one day life would magically fall into place and I wouldn’t have to do anymore self-work or evaluating.  I know now this journey is never ending, ever-changing and will constantly need adjusting.  I am ok with that.  It means I am growing out of where I have been and moving into something bigger.

Can we commit to embracing the everyday struggles together?  If you have anything to add please comment below.  I would love to know I am not alone. 🙂 


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