Batch Cooking: Part 3

Batch Cooking

Here we are, part three of Batch Cooking.  This has been an interesting adventure, it started out as an option to save time during the week and basically get cooking out of the way, and took off from there.  I realized how much I appreciated the extra time and wanted more, so now it’s Meal Planning, Online Grocery Shopping and Batch Cooking.

This past week I placed an online order for groceries through Save On Foods, and I honestly do not know why I never tried this before!  In 20 minutes I had a meal plan for the week, a grocery list and had placed my order for delivery Sunday morning.  To say I was nervous is an understatement, but really what’s the worst thing that could happen?  I get a banana that’s too brown or a soft pepper, in reality I am cooking the food the day I get it, so there will not be any waste.

Sunday morning arrived, while having a coffee I received a call from the Save On delivery driver to let me know he was parking and would be by in about 5 minutes.  Perfect.  He arrived with the groceries in bins, we went over the list and he explained one item was not included, raspberries, because the shipment they received was poor quality.  Of course after he left I double checked everything, lol.  It was all there, everything from fresh vegetables to canned goods to eggs to toilet paper to Halloween candy.

I enjoyed the whole process of online shopping.  As someone who likes to stick to a budget, ordering online only makes sense.  I was able to cost compare, search my favorite items with ease, and stay on budget.  Speaking of budget, since I have started batch cooking I have spent on average $140 per week, for three adults.  This amount includes items for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  It works out to $6.60 per person, per day, which is only $200 per person for the month.  I no longer fall into the trap of buying items I do not need, I stick to my list since I am only getting the ingredients I need for that weeks recipes.

Here are some positive points from the batch cooking adventure:

  • Everyone chips in!  Since the mess is made in one afternoon, it seems easy for everyone to help out, one person cooks, another cleans and someone else takes out the recycling and garbage.
  • I discovered how much time I have during the week!  Every night is open.  There is no pressure to brainstorm a recipe, go grocery shopping or clean.  The meal plan is on the fridge, we simply heat up the evenings meal.  A bonus, I have the cooking/prep/cleaning down to 2 hours!
  • Online grocery shopping.  I honestly don’t have to say more than that!  For anyone working full time, or moms transitioning back to work, or families with a full schedule, this is such an easy and pain free option, everyone should be doing it!
  • No waste!  I cannot tell you how happy this point makes me.  Even though we had a plan for the week in the past, something would come up and then food would go bad.  To me throwing away food is not only wasteful but expensive.  Now if we have something that comes up during the week I simply put that meal directly in the freezer.
  • I enjoy cooking more.  I am sure you can’t imagine how cooking for 2 hours can be more enjoyable but it is.  I listen to music, visit with the bf, talk to my mom and enjoy the process.  Sometimes it takes me longer to cook as I take breaks or get distracted but it doesn’t matter because I know by the end of Sunday all the food will be prepped.

Would love to hear if anyone has any more tips or tricks for batch cooking, ordering groceries online or meal planning!

Happy cooking!


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