Bedroom Makeover

BEDROOM MAKEOVER!  I love our bedroom with the skylight, angled ceilings, great natural light and lots space!  When we moved in it was all beige, which I could deal with, but then our bed frame wouldn’t fit up the stairs.  All we had was a mattress on the floor.  It was a little sad! See below.

We needed to make a few small changes to update the room without spending a lot of money!  I like to make inspiration boards to have a vision for the room.  Also it’s a way to help me keep on track in terms of the pieces I am looking to purchase.  It’s easy to have a vision, but unless you are clear and create a vision board or a list of what you want it’s easy to spend way more than you intended.  Also this way I was not in a rush to buy anything, like a side table I didn’t really like, I was going to wait for the one I was in love with!  It took a few months to get all the pieces together and we are almost there.

Above is the photo that sparked the makeover!  I saw this and loved the wood against the dark wall.  Since our bed is in front of a window, the dark wall was a great solution to define the bed, instead of a headboard!

Can’t wait for our bedroom reveal next week!


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