Bedroom Reveal

Remember this sad scene?  Oh man, we didn’t have any storage or lights or anywhere to sit.  We needed to make a change.  See my previous bedroom post to see my bedroom inspiration photo and idea board.

It’s finally here!  The after photos of our bedroom.  It was pretty easy to bring together.

The rug and the oversized poster really brighten up the room and the dark wall created a defined space for the bed.

The Pendleton blanket Mark bought for Christmas really  brought a nice vibe to the room.

We brought the leather chair from the living room up for a little reading nook area, and I love it!

I was so happy to find this side table at Home Sense!  What a score!  They were $60 each, which compared to everything else I had seen was way cheaper.  They look great with the bed and the dark wall, plus has a great drawer for storage and books.

These Ikea swing lamps were also a great deal.  We found them for $30, which I was really happy with.  I wasn’t sure about the black on black but the gold hardware really makes the light pop.  Now I don’t have to feel around in the dark to get to bed!

An organized sidetable!  Something I have never had!  I am beyond excited.

I wish I could have fresh flowers on my bedside table every day!  This was a treat for sure, and they looked absolutely stunning against the black wall.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!  Now let’s breakdown the money.

Ikea Swing Arm Lamps – $30 each

Queen West Side Tables – $60 each

Little Paper Planes Poster – $40

Bed Frame: $300

Matresses: $2000 (I know!! But we have been sleeping so much better and didn’t buy Christmas gifts, we chose new mattresses instead)

Behr Black Paint: $40 (had all the other materials)

Pendleton Blanket – Already owned

Leather Chair: Already owned (but $60 off Craigslist originally)

Black Ottoman: Already owned

Shine Bright Light: Already owned

Oversized Pillows: Already owned

TOTAL: $2560

This may seem like a large number but if you take away the bed, this bedroom makeover only cost $260, which is pretty good.

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