Budget Summer Adventures

I would love to stay here! They start at $1500 per person for 3 days in our area!

We are very lucky this year to have a couple weeks off in the summer, one in July and the other in August. We made sure to make a plan at the start of the year, to guarantee the days off and to maximize our holidays.  Mark only gets 3 weeks per year for holidays, which works out to 15 working days.  We try to take a few extra days around long weekends to make sure we are getting the most out of the days off.

When trying to decide what to do with these weeks off, I was stumped!  Seriously.  We usually don’t have that much time off so on weekends we end up visiting family or friends, which can be a very affordable option and fun.  Trying to book a vacation in the summer, which is high season in any direction from us, seemed daunting.  I was determined to find budget adventures, and wanted to share what I found.  The links below are for options in my area of British Columbia, Canada, but for something similar near you, simply do an online search with key words.  I think these are all great alternatives to booking a hotel or Air B&B.

Can this be me please? Summer goals!

1) Rent A Van!  Come on, we have all dreamed of a van road trip!  I was doing some digging and found a company in my area that has budget van rentals.  For $65 a day we can cruise in style and sleep in comfort.  Westafalia Rentals has older camper vans they rent for a discounted rate.  Perfect.  I don’t need to be in the newest, fanciest van, I want something to get me from point A to B.  If we took this van for a week with the van rental, gas and camping fees the total cost would be around $600 (we may have a place to park for free a few nights).  This works out to $42 per person per day.

I’ll take it! Imagine the stars you will see.

2) Tipi Camp Out. Do you  have a car but don’t want to worry about renting any gear for your trip, find a tipi or yurt in your area!  You will feel like you are sleeping under the stars and only have to worry about bringing food with you. I found this amazing tipi on a farm.  Everything you need, a bed, chairs and a swimming pool (clothing optional).  The rate is $56 per night, so less than $400 for a week, or $200 each.

All your friends here for the weekend, yes!

3) Ranch Adventure.  If you have a car to get out of town, then a ranch is within your reach.  Searching online there seems to be a lot of affordable options.  I found this ranch and they have a wilderness cabin option for $50 a night with up to 6 people.  If you want a group vacation, this might be a fun option.  They have horseback riding, swimming, canoeing, fishing, hikes and more.  There is the option to have meals at the chalet.  For a week this would be $350, which is a deal!  A group of 6 would be $58 each for the whole week, leaving money in the budget for a horseback ride!

The ultimate summer camping trip.

4) Kayak Tour. This one is more on the expensive side, but I am sure after doing a little research there are more affordable options out there  I found a kayak rental close to me, it includes 3 nights, all your gear and catered food for $670.  I know what you’re thinking, Tijana that is not frugal!  It actually works out to $223 per day which is less than the cost of a hotel in the summer and includes delicious fully catered meals with wine, and chocolate fondue. Sold!

A party with new friends, probably an adventure you won’t forget!

5) Adult Summer Camp. Perhaps you are a single guy or gal and would rather go and have some fun in the woods!  I have seen a few of these adventure adult camps online, it includes activities, games, food and drinks (yes booze) for 4 days and 3 nights the cost is only $535 which works out to $173 per day.  Not the cheapest, but an option for someone who wants to go solo and maybe meet some fun new friends!

I hope you enjoyed my budget summer travel ideas!  Do you have something else to offer?  Send me an email and I will include it.

Bring on the summer.

I dream of this, in the middle of nowhere.

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