A Front Door Yarn Hanger for Under $5

As I was putting away the Halloween décor this past week, I was brainstorming how to revamp my front door.  I felt like it was too early for my holiday banner and wanted something to  transition into fall.  I found this gold hoop at Dressew in Vancouver for only $3.99 while I was looking for other material but bought it just in case.  I remembered I had some yarn leftover from another project, so decided to make a yarn door hanger.

STEP 1: Figure out the length you want the yarn.

I decided to go for double the size of the hoop.  I made one piece of yarn as my piece to measure against.

STEP 2: Cut the Yarn

Use the piece you’ve cut to cut the other pieces of yarn.  I did 6 pieces of the thicker yarn and 12 pieces of the thinner.

STEP 3: Loop the Yarn

Take the yarn and loop it over so the ends are even, then place it behind the gold hoop.

STEP 4: Pull Yarn Over

Take the loop over the top of the gold hoop.

STEP 5: Pull Yarn Through

Grab the yarn strands in the centre of the loop and pull through.

STEP 6: Pull Tight

Once you have the yarn through the loop, pull tight so it doesn’t come apart.

Then I decided the yarn hanger needed a little more so used my pompom maker to create a handful of pompoms to go on the side of the gold hoop (I attached them simply by typing them on). I really love this pompom maker, as it’s easy to use and creates really fluffy pompoms.

Here’s the final product, what do you think?  Pretty good for a 20 minute DIY, using leftover yarn and the gold hoop that only cost $3.99.

I am so happy with how this yarn project turned out.  It only took about 20 minutes to make and cost $3.99 for the gold hoop.  I had this yarn from a WALL HANGING I made last year and thought the colours would be great for fall.

If you are looking to make something similar I would suggest downloading the Michael’s Craft Store app.  (This is not sponsored, I simply love the new app!)  You have the app on your phone, so you can easily see the new sale items as well as download and use any coupons in store with ease.

Loving the oversized pompoms!  They are easy to make with the pompom maker and great for so many projects!  Anyone else change up their door décor for fall?

A Bedroom Makeover For Under $300!

Remember this sad scene?  We didn’t have storage or lights or anywhere to sit.  We desperately needed to make a change.  Check out my bedroom inspiration post to see how my vision turned into a plan and now the final reveal!

The reveal of our bedroom came a few months ago, but was really well received so I wanted to feature it again!  It was pretty easy to bring all my ideas together. How did I do it? By making sure I had a plan!  You can start by saving décor  you find online or rooms with a similar style.  The photo above is featured on Shutterfly’s small bedroom ideas page, that is a great place to start as there are many stunning inspiration photos for every room in your home.  The rug and the oversized poster really brighten up the room and the dark wall created a defined space for the bed as we couldn’t have a headboard with the window.

The Pendleton blanket was a Christmas gift from Mark a couple years ago (he went WAY over the agreed upon budget!) and was the starting point for the makeover of our bedroom.  The blanket brings in a nice pattern against the black wall and is so warm and cozy.

We previously had this leather chair in our living room but had changed up the furniture so brought it up for a little reading nook area, and I love it!  This leather chair was a great score from Craigslist a few years ago for $70!  Mark really wanted a man chair to read in and obviously buying a new leather chair was out of the budget!  Craigslist is always great for more expensive items at a discounted price.

I was so happy to find these side tables at Home Sense!  What a score!  They were $60 each, which compared to everything else I had seen, online and in store, was considerably less expensive.  They look great with the bed and the dark wall, plus have a drawer for storage and books.

These Ikea swing lamps were also a great deal, we found them for $30.  I wasn’t sure about the black on black but the gold hardware really makes the light pop.  Now I don’t have to feel around in the dark to get to bed!

I am beyond excited for an organized sidetable!  Something I have never had in all my years living on my own.  The side table is a game changer.  Having a place for my jewelry at night, the book I am currently reading and of course fresh flowers.

I wish I could have fresh flowers on my bedside table every day!  This was a treat for sure, and they looked absolutely stunning against the black wall.  These flowers were from Whole Foods, you might be thinking that must have been expensive, but they weren’t! I think I paid $30 for this bouquet.  Plus it was very unique.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!  Now let’s breakdown the cost.

Ikea Swing Arm Lamps – $30 each
Queen West Side Tables – $60 each
Little Paper Planes Poster – $40
Bed Frame: $300
Matresses: $2000 (I know!! But we have been sleeping so much better and didn’t buy Christmas gifts, we chose new mattresses instead)
Behr Black Paint: $40 (had all the other materials)
Pendleton Blanket – Already owned
Leather Chair: Already owned (but $70 off Craigslist originally)
Black Ottoman: Already owned (originally $30 from Home Sense)
Shine Bright Light: Already owned ($20 from Home Sense)
Oversized Pillows: Already owned

**This may seem like a large number but if you take away the bed, this bedroom makeover only cost $260, which is pretty good.**

Did I mention the view from our window seat is pretty spectacular?  I love sitting here in the evenings reading, the city looks so pretty at sunset.


TV Room Design Inspiration

We have been wanting to make over our TV Room for a while now.  It’s time.  A TV Room is meant to be a cozy space where you can curl up and watch a movie with friends or read a book or have the guys over for football on Sunday.  The current state of our TV Room is not comfortable or inviting.  The furniture is secondhand and starting to wear, the beige everything is making me crazy, and the room needs a little character brought in.  Now here is the tricky part, how to navigate this makeover on a budget?  Two things are important to me, the first is longevity of the pieces and then the overall design.  We know we want a sectional at the heart of our TV Room and we consider this an investment piece.  The sectional featured here is from Arhaus, I really like the design and the neutral colour. Sectionals come in all different shapes and sizes, do you want a 3-piece or chaise or sleeper sectional?  The options are endless.  The best thing is to first know how you want to use the room you are making over.  Arhaus has some luxury sectional sofas if you are looking for a quality sofa. By choosing a neutral colour  and simplistic sectional, it is easier in the future for us to update the space or décor without changing all of your furniture as well. We will invest in a quality sectional, but pieces such as the lamps, side tables, and pillows will be more affordable as they will most likely be the first items to change down the road.

What do you think?  Are you for investing in furniture or buying something more affordable but replacing it more often?


Ship Mural: Anewall | Royal Blue Paint: Benjamin Moore | Kopenhamn Rug: Ikea | Sectional: Arhaus | Velvet Chairs: Arhaus | Floor Lamp: Ikea | Industrial Sideboard: Antiques Direct

A Thrifted Halloween Front Door Reveal

Costume Party Zone Front Door Takeover!  I am so excited to reveal how I used my thrifted DIY skulls to decorate.  I went for an old school look with the orange pumpkins, a plastic skeleton and some cheesy Halloween décor items.  Except for a few items I already owned all of the Halloween décor is from the Salvation Army Thrift Stores Costume Party Zone.

The key to creating a great décor display is levels.  If you try to put everything out on the ground, it simply won’t work.  I used candle sticks, the old crate, and a few old books to help give the décor different levels.  For me I really wanted to stick with a colour scheme.  I chose black, gold, white and orange.  This made planning easier and really gave the décor a cohesive look. (I totally regret not spray painting the large skeleton gold!)

Costume Party Zone Front Door Takeover!

Salvation Army Thrift Store: Skulls/$6, Skeleton/$2, Spider/$3, Candleholders/$12, Tombstones/$2, Lanterns/$4

Banner: Free (I already had these materials on hand)  If you want to make your own check out my post from last year, it’s really easy to make and you can save it for the following year.

Antlers: Free (part of my décor, and they are sheds so no animal was killed for them, just as a side note!)

Pumpkins: $16 (some of these were leftover from our engagement party the rest I sources from Lowblaws)

TOTAL: $45

Funny how quickly all the décor adds up!  If $45 is a little out of your budget, invest in one large pumpkin, skip the candles and you’re down to $25.  I really wanted to feature the Salvation Army Thrift Store items so bought a little more than I normally would have.  Plus we have never had any Halloween décor before, and it was so much fun to decorate!

As with every thrift store post, I will remind you to have a plan.  If you own some decorations already, perhaps you only need a few pieces from the Costumer Party Zone to bring it all together!  Know what those items are, make a list and stick to it!  If you are starting from scratch and like me are without any décor, then start by thinking of what your theme will look like. As mentioned I wanted a classic black and gold look featuring skulls and some low lights.  I made this look happen with my easy 5 minute DIY.


3 Ways to Stay on Budget with the Costume Party Zone

On Halloween I think it is very easy to go overboard!  Who’s with me?  Here’s how it always happens, you end up with multiple parties to attend, then there’s dressing up for work and purchasing candy to hand out on the actual day! The list never seems to end.

I wanted to discuss a few affordable options using the Salvation Army Thrift Stores Costume Party Zone.  I am very lucky to be working as  Creative Expert with the Salvation Army Thrift Store and before this I didn’t know they had a Costume Party Zone!  You can find anything you need for your Halloween festivities from décor to costumes to wigs and more!


* THE COSTUME| I recently went to the Costume Party Zone, as I have a Halloween party to attend and also wanted to find something to wear to work.  I am not a huge fan of going full out at work so wanted a piece I could wear over my every day clothes.  I was very excited to find both!  I spent a total of $15 for a full Halloween costume and a small piece to wear during my workday.  I will be posting my Halloween costumes later this month on the blog so keep an eye out for them!  All the items above and more were at the Costume Party Zone!

* THE DECOR | I was very surprised to find so many options at the Costume Party Zone.  I ended up buying some pumpkin lights, a full glow in the dark skeleton, a couple crows, a tombstone and a half dozen skulls all for $12.  We currently don’t have any Halloween décor so I am starting from scratch and was really happy to find all of these items at one store.  The lights were brand new and the other items were in very good condition. You have to remember with items such as these they are used for a couple weeks and then stored the rest of the year.

* THE DIY’s | Perhaps you are looking for a look that is more cohesive look, when shopping for secondhand items it’s a little harder so going the DIY route will help to create the look you are wanting.  A few options is using spray paint, which can transform your items in a matter of minutes.  Check out my DIY Skulls, it’s a really easy and affordable DIY to upcycle your Halloween décor with spray paint.  Or perhaps you want a theme with all ghosts, a really simple DIY would be to make ghosts out of sheets, a quick search resulted in 100’s of tutorials.

These are only a few ideas on how to use the Costume Party Zone at the Salvation Army Thrift Store.  Remember to start with a plan.  Whether you are looking for décor or a new costume, make your dream list and stick with it!  Make a budget!  It’s easy to overspend at the Costume Party Zone!

Want a new costume for Halloween?  Comment below with your dream costume idea and you could win a $20 gift certificate to the Salvation Army Thrift Store!  Winner selected Friday, October 20.

See How This Boring Office Was Transformed On A Budget


Remember the all beige office? There was no ceiling light which was frustrating because as soon as it was dark I couldn’t work on any projects in the office, I didn’t have many extra pieces to set up the office, and had to start from scratch.  My plan was to bring in a combination of pattern and pops of color, I achieved this by purchasing the storage boxes, framed map and lamp from my local Salvation Army Thrift Store. I think it really came together!

With the move I didn’t have a huge budget to make this office makeover happen, but by selling a few items and purchasing a couple key pieces second hand from the Salvation Army Thrift Store, it all came together.  We recently found a sleeper sofa and this space will be changing again. Keep an eye out for the second office makeover. Lol

Let’s break down the cost!

Vintage Storage Cart – Already had this item and I absolutely love it.

Desk – $30 (Craigslist – bought before we moved but I will count it)

Ghost Chair – $70 (London Drugs  – on sale!)

Vintage Silver Lamp – $10 (Salvation Army Thrift Store)

Kate Spade Storage Boxes – $3  (Salvation Army Thrift Store)

Black Desk Storage – Already had this item.

Metal White Paper Storage – Already had this item.

Clock – $14 (Winners)

Pen Storage – $6 (Winners)

Metal Storage – $12 (Winners)

Knitted Pouf – Already had this item.

Patterned Rug – $100 (Walmart – this was the biggest splurge)

Framed Map – $5 (Salvation Army Thrift Store)

Floral Art – $30 (Craigslist)

Dreamcatcher – Already had this from a fundraiser.

Silver Garbage – $1 (Salvation Army Thrift Store)

Faux Sheepskin – $14 (Ikea)

Knick Knacks – Had all of these little guys

Light Shade – $40 (Ikea)

Cord for Light – Already had this and the bulb.


Ok you may be thinking that $335 is not a frugal makeover!  This is the total amount I spent.  Now keep in mind I sold some items to make this happen.  I made around $200 selling a couple chairs, throw pillows, a mirror, and a few other small items we no longer needed.  Now that brings the office makeover down to $135 which is definitely manageable.

I really think it is a great idea to sell items you no longer need in order to get something you really love.  I knew I wanted to makeover the office, but little items add up so I sold a few things I no longer needed in order to make it happen!

It’s also a great idea to think outside the box when looking for décor.  I was so happy to find the vintage map of North Vancouver at my local Salvation Army Thrift Store.  It was a great deal and added a nice pop of colour.  I also found the floral painting on Craigslist! It was made by the sweetest old lady and I feel it was a steal at $30.  Searching places like the Salvation Army Thrift Store is a great way to find unique items or even higher end pieces at a huge discount.

Here are a few close ups of the new office, I hope you enjoy the makeover! I love these little touches of the painting, light and dream catcher together!

Love the colours of this vintage map, it really added a nice touch to our new office space!  What a way to feature our new city.

All photos and words created by Tijana Popovic of A Plentiful Life.

A Stunning DIY White Pumpkin Centrepiece

DIY White Pumpkin and Succulent Centrepiece

When a friend asks you to be their witness at their elopement and have an amazing weekend adventure, you say HELL YES!  After the party and elopement there was a family dinner and I wanted to help out by creating a fall centerpiece.  I decided since this moment was so special, flowers wouldn’t work, I wanted something affordable with a  little more meaning.  I saw this large white pumpkin and the ideas started flowing.  I decided to use succulents on top of the pumpkin as the pumpkin and succulents would last longer than flowers and everyone could take a pumpkin home to plant their succulents.  The idea was that we were all part of this union, here to support, nurture and grow the love, and our succulents would be a nice reminder of this.

Not only were these centerpieces affordable, looked beautiful but they would continue to live.

Let’s look at the simple step by step so you can create this at home!

STEP 1: Find your materials


White Pumpkin Centerpieces

*  White pumpkin(s)
* Moss (you can get this at any craft store)
* Craft Bond Spray (craft store)
* Glue Gun
* Scissors
* Succulents (I had various sizes and styles)
* Dried Flowers (I bought a few from my florist, forage for a couple flowers and the pine cones)
STEP 2: Break off the pumpkin stem.
White Pumpkin
STEP 3: Spray the top of the pumpkin with adhesive spray.
White Pumpkin
Let it sit outside until the top is a little sticky and also that will allow the vapors from the spray to also lessen.
White Pumpkin

STEP 4: Attach the moss.

White Pumpkin with Moss
Once the top of the pumpkin has become tacky, then apply the moss.  I used gloves as I have heard moss can sometimes have fungus.  Better safe than sorry!  After you attached moss, trim around the edges.
White Pumpkin and Succulents
STEP 5: Separate the succulents from their dirt.
Succulents are like air plants and will only require a spray once a week.  I completed these centerpieces a week prior to the elopement and sprayed once in that time, the succulents held up really well.
STEP 6: Start attaching the succulents
Succulents and White Pumpkin
You may wonder why I used a hot glue gun, but I can assure you I looked it up and this type of glue was ok to use.  I also thought the hot glue would be easier to remove later on but adhere really well to the moss.
Succulent and White Pumpkin Centerpiece
Start with the larger succulents and work out from there.  After I had added all of the succulents I wanted to I then filled in the holes with the dried flowers.
Large White Pumpkin Centerpiece
Since I had extra succulents and flowers I decided to keep going!  I had a few white pumpkins outside so made mini versions of the large one, which worked out perfectly with everyone taking a pumpkin home to love.
Mini White Pumpkins
Mini White Pumpkin Centerpieces
Large Pumpkin: $4
Mini Pumpkins: $6
Succulents: $20
Moss: $3
Adhesive Spray: $8
Dried Flowers: $5
Pinecones and other flowers: Free
Glue Gun and Glue: Already had on had
This works out to be $6.50 per pumpkin.  If you used all mini pumpkins it would be even cheaper since the succulents would go further.
I would suggest using a local florist as I found their succulent prices were cheaper and the dried flowers were next to nothing.  Foraging in your neighborhood or yard is also a great way to find flowers or pine cones!


All words and phots by Tijana Popovic of A Plentiful Life

See How One Change Made a Difference in This Kitchen Makeover

We love our new home but we also really like to cook and our kitchen can be a little frustrating at times.  We dream of the day when we get to tear down all the walls and make the space even bigger.  (Why did they have to create breakfast nooks in the 80’s!)  We are not at a time where we can renovate, I guess the wedding plans come first at the moment.

We started to brainstorm little ways we could make our kitchen more enjoyable with a small investment of time and money.  The final decision was to change the sink.  We had a very small sink that made dishes a nightmare.  If you washed dishes you looked like you had come out of the shower.

After doing some online research we decided on the Westinghouse sink, which we found at Costco.  It was a large sink but also had the inserts of a second sink, strainer and cutting board, so not only are we gaining a larger sink but a better prep area. We paid $399, but it is on sale at Costco right now for $319.  Although that was an investment for a small upgrade, we chose this sink because when we do renovate this sink can be under mounted as well, which means it will also work in the future.

It took Mark a couple hours to install, I was on clean up duty! And at the end of it the kitchen looked like a different space.  It is amazing how one small change can revamp a whole space.  We can’t wait to entertain, cook and clean in the new kitchen.

It’s so nice to have a new space. I even cleaned off the counters, found a vintage rug on Craigslist for $40, and now our space is refreshed for under $500.  Look at all the details on this vintage rug!  Such a great find.

Here are the three ways you can use the sink!  It’s perfect for dinner parties and big cooking days.


All words and photos by Tijana Popovic of A Plentiful Life

Blooms & Banners Workshop

I am beyond excited to announce I will be teaching my first workshop alongside Il Floraio at the Juice Truck in Vancouver next month!  How exciting.  I love to DIY and feel so grateful for the chance to work with you on one!  This DIY will be stunning but the steps will be fairly simple.  Also by using the faux florals you can keep it up all year or save it!

Join myself and Jaqueline from Il Floraio for a fun DIY Workshop where you will create a felt door banner with lettering and then learn to work with faux florals to create a beautiful fall door.

Fabric, flowers, tools, materials, treats, cocktails and swag bag are included.

Get your ticket soon, space is very limited.

Maximum 15 guests * workshops are non-refundable ages 19+

Wednesday, September 13th

7pm – 9pm

Held at the Juice Truck, 28 W 5th Avenue, Vancouver

DIY Picnic Basket

I love summertime!  Connecting with friends, eating great food and enjoying the weather.  One thing we didn’t have was a picnic basket.  We kept trying to pack up our food into a backpack, which didn’t work at all! I decided it was time to up our picnic game.  Do you know how expensive a picnic basket is?  I didn’t!  They start at $50 and go up from there.  Way out of my budget.  I decided to head to my local Salvation Army Thrift Store  to see if I could find a basket, although I didn’t find a picnic basket, there were a lot of different baskets to choose from.  I ended up with a basic basket, but it was sturdy and actually fit quite a few items.

Now for the upcycle!  I wanted to make the basket look old, so I used a grey stain I had leftover from another project, bought some items from the fabric store, and got to work.

MATERIALS: Basket, stain, pompom and tassel trim.

DIY: Paint the basket, and glue on the trim, easy as that!

Final product.  I am so happy with how this basket turned out.  It looks great for an outdoor picnic or party and has room enough for food, wine and glasses!  Really all you need for a day in the park.


Basket (Salvation Army Thrift Store) – $2

Trim (Dressew) – $4

Stain and Hot Glue Gun – Already had this in my stash

Upcycled Picnic Basket Cost – $6

This basket only took about 5 minutes total to make, the real time was waiting for the stain to dry overnight.  In the future I think I would sand the basket a bit it help it absorb the stain a little bit better.  Ready to make your own Upcycled Picnic Basket?  Head to your nearest Salvation Army Thrift Store and I bet you will have a lot to choose from!

Want to win $20 to spend at your local Salvation Army Thrift Store?  Comment below on what DIY you would create and you will be entered to win.