DIY Felt Bunting

DIY Felt Bunting

I wanted to create a DIY holiday photo booth, but our beige wall looked really boring. I was trying to save money by creating a little photo booth so wanted my décor to also be affordable!  I used some leftover yarn and 4 sheets of green felt, spending a total of $2.50.  I think this definitely a frugalista project!

Easy Photobooth Bunting

STEP 1: Materials – Green felt, yarn, triangle template and scissors.

Easy DIY Felt Bunting

STEP 2: Trace – Simply trace as many triangles as you need!

Easy DIY Felt Bunting

STEP 3: Cut the corners – this will make it easy to slide the yarn through, and eliminates any gluing.

Easy Felt Bunting

STEP 4: Put yarn through the back of each felt triangle.

DIY Felt Bunting for Photobooth

STEP 5:  Tape onto the wall so it is at a good height for photos. (I had to do a few tests)

DIY Photobooth

STEP 6: Add some fun holiday hats or antlers or glasses and you have a photo booth.


Great idea for a last minute family card or your holiday party!

Have fun.



DIY Advent Calendar


Tis the season for advent calendars!  As a child I loved opening my advent calendar each day!  Now as an adult I thought it would be fun to use an advent calendar for those little practical gifts!

Here’s what you’ll need:
* Craft Paper
* Glue
* Paint or a Pen
* String or Animals – depending on your advent calendar

OK let’s get started! First find a box template you like, I used this one


We used craft paper since it would hold the box shape better!! Get cutting!!


Next wrote your numbers on your box, I wrote mine freehand but using a template would also work!


Filling each box with a gift would be expensive so I we printed off these little coupons!


Next get your coupons and gifts ready! Some gifts I couldn’t fit in the box so simply left a clue.


Now it’s time to glue the boxes and for my advent calendar add string to the top. (SIDE NOTE I was so excited I forgot to take a photo of this step)

Next I strung up my branch on the mantle.


Which made it easier to tie the boxes onto the branch.


Voila! A simple advent calendar. Each box cost 8 cents so $2 for all 25 boxes plus a little bit of string and glue for a GRAND TOTAL OF $3 (obviously not including gifts!)

Here is another option using the same boxes. Purchase dollar store animals, paint them white, add a little red nose and you have a totally different advent calendar using the same box. An easy way to display the advent calendar on your mantle.



DIY Holiday Banner

Joy Holiday Banner

I was brainstorming a holiday wreath this past weekend, and kept thinking of the last time I made a wreath, it looked great but there was dead greenery on the floor every time I opened the door.  Then I remembered seeing a wall hanging with some lettering and thought a front door banner would look nice.  I wanted something festive but not too in your face holiday.  Then the word joy came to my head and it seemed like the perfect fit.  Joy was the energy I wanted to bring to our home this holiday season.

Here is the best part, I used all my crafting scraps!  This project cost $0!

DIY Holiday Banner

Step 1: Materials  – Gather what you have and assess!

What do you have?  Think of the crafts you’ve made over the past year and all the bits and bobs leftover.  I had the following:

Red Felt

White Material

Pom Poms



Hot Glue

DIY Holiday Banner

Step 2: Pick a font and cut out the lettering.

Yes I could have freehanded this lettering, but I wasn’t in the mood and I wanted to make this quick and easy!  Plus I love tracing.

DIY Holiday Banner

Step 3: Trace your word backwards

No one likes to see trace lines so remember to place your word backwards when tracing!

DIY Holiday Banner

Step 4: Create a banner template.

Once you have your word cut out, figure out the shape and size of your banner.  I wanted the banner to be quite large, so I measured out 19 inches and went from there!

DIY Holiday Banner

Step 5: Trace your banner template.

Again we could free hand, but I wanted the banner to be symmetrical.  I used the clamps to keep it in one place while tracing.

DIY Holiday Banner

Step 6: Cut out the banner.

This part is easy since you already know your banner is perfectly measured!

DIY Holiday Banner

Step 7: Assemble.

You have both pieces cut out.  Lay out the word on the felt or whatever material you are using to see what placement works.

DIY Holiday Banner

Step 8: Glue

I love my hot glue gun!  It’s easy and saves a lot of time.

DIY Holiday Banner

Step 9: Glue some more!

Again gluing was the easiest option for me.

DIY  Holiday Banner

Step 10: Add the dowel.

Since my banner ended up being quite large I crazy glued two pieces together.

DIY Holiday Banner

Step 11: Add the ribbon.

Whatever you have whether it’s sequins or ribbons or yarn, anything that can easily be tied onto the dowel.

Joy Holiday Banner

Step 12: Add pom poms

The banner needed an extra something to finish it off!  I added these pom poms I had from another project!

DIY Holiday Banner

There we are, an simple and easy holiday DIY.  It only took about 30 minutes to create and I didn’t spend any money!

What do you have in your craft stash that you could turn into holiday décor?

DIY Holiday Banner

DIY Growler Wall

DIY Growler Feature Wall

We all have them pile up in a cupboard or taking over valuable counter space, Growlers.  I love these growlers because they allow me to support local businesses when we have a party and save on beer costs!  These growlers were taking over our kitchen storage, so I (we, I can’t take all the credit on this one) decided to build a feature growler wall.

Here is how we did it.


A piece of wood -honestly we simply found a long inexpensive piece of wood that had a nice grain.  Budget was key here!

6 hooks – we found ours at the hardware store but I am sure you could also order some online)

6 small screws – for the hooks

16 2 inch screws for the boards


First you want to measure the space and figure out how long you want each piece to be.  Instead of buying one large piece of wood we bought a longer piece of wood and cut 4 pieces to the same length.  Most hardware stores will cut the wood on site if you know your measurements.

DIY Growler

Next is staining.  There are so many great options for stain and I find it much simpler than paint.

DIY Growler

After waiting the appropriate time (read the can) apply a second coat of stain.

DIY Growler Wall

After the wood is completely dry, mine took a couple days, attach to the wall!  Add the hooks.  Be sure to measure the distance between each hook so it is symmetrical. We decided to stagger the hooks so the bottles were not resting on one another.

DIY Growler Wall

Then add the growlers and you are all set!

DIY Growler Wall After

This project doesn’t take very long if you count total time, but there is a bit of a wait with the stain drying period.  The key with any DIY is make sure you have all your measurements and materials to start, it will make it so much easier!


Wood: $10

Hooks: $6

Stain: Already had on hand

Rags: Old shirts (upcycling!)

Screws: Already had on hand

DIY Growler Feature Wall

Frugal Office Makeover

The all beige office was driving me crazy.  Also there was no ceiling light and this was frustrating because as soon as it was dark I couldn’t work on any projects in the office.  I set out to bring in some brightness and color, with a combination of pattern and pops of color I think it really came together!  I am so excited to work in here.

With the move I didn’t have a huge budget to make this office makeover happen, but by selling a few items and purchasing a couple key pieces it all came together.  There is still space in the office and I think in the future I will add a sleeper sofa, now to find one that is stylish and doesn’t make it look like a dorm room.

Let’s break down the cost!

Vintage Storage Cart – Already had this item and I absolutely love it.

Desk – Craigslist $30 (bought before we moved but I will count it)

Ghost Chair – London Drugs $70 (on sale!)

Vintage Silver Lamp – Had this item previously.

Kate Spade Storage Boxes – Already had this item.

Black Desk Storage – Already had this item.

Metal White Paper Storage – Already had this item.

Clock – Winners $14

Pen Storage – Winners $6

Metal Storage – Winners $12

Knitted Pouf – Already had this item.

Patterned Rug – Walmart $100 (this was the biggest splurge)

Framed Map – Value Village $5

Floral Art – Craigslist $30

Dreamcatcher – Already had this from a fundraiser.

Silver Garbage – Salvation Army $1

Faux Sheepskin – Ikea $14

Knick Knacks – Had all of these little guys

Light Shade – Ikea $40

Cord for Light – Already had this and the bulb.


Office Makeover Reveal

Ok you may be thinking that $322 is not a frugal makeover!  This is the total that was spent.  Now keep in mind I sold some items to make this happen.  I made around $200 selling a couple chairs, throw pillows, a mirror, and a few other small items.  Now that brings the office makeover down to $122 which is definitely manageable.

I really think it is a great idea to sell items you no longer need in order to get something you really love.  I knew I wanted to makeover the office, but little items add up so I sold a few things I no longer needed in order to make it happen!

It’s also a great idea to think outside the box when looking for décor.  I was so happy to find the floral painting on Craigslist of all places.  It was made by the sweetest old lady and I feel it was a steal at $30.  Searching Craigslist, thrift stores or even consignment stores is a great way to find unique items or even higher end pieces at a huge discount.

Here are a few close ups of the new office, I hope you enjoy the makeover!

Budget Office Makeover

Budget Art for Office Makeover

Office Makeover

Office Makeover

DIY Skirt

DIY Skirt

I had found this dress for $2 at a thrift store a little while ago and couldn’t wait for summer to wear it!  Unfortunately the top does not work, don’t ask me why, it just doesn’t.  I think because the skirt is so flowy and the top is all business.  Which can definitely work but not in this combination.  To the scissors we go…

DIY Skirt

I have a skirt with the same material as this dress so I figured I could cut where the band was and it might work.  If not, it was a $2 experiment.  I decided to cut the material a little uneven and give it a more boho feel.

DIY Skirt

I really like how the skirt looks on it’s own!  I can’t wait to style this for a Frugal Fashion Friday.

DIY Skirt

Craiglists Desk Makeover

Desk Before

As you can see from the above photo, the office was neglected on the move in.  It needed some serious love.  First project was to paint the desk legs.  I found this desk for $30 on Craigslist and liked it because it was easy to move and has a clean look.

Desk Makeover

First thing is the spray paint.  I wanted the legs to look really polished so I used a primer and then a gloss white.

Desk Legs Before

And here we are in the small work space outside, I may have had some spray drift onto the plants.  Maybe a bigger tarp next time.

Desk Spray Paint

Make sure to take your time and get an even coat.  Plus there are a lot of sides with this type of piece so I made sure to start on one side and move my way across.

Desk Legs After

They already look better!  It is amazing what a little paint will do!

Desk Legs After

Ok and here is the start of the office makeover!!  A revamped desk.  Really easy makeover and it already brightens up the room.

Desk Makeover After

Simple and Affordable Tablescape

Easy Table Set Up

We’ve all been there, you have a dinner party planned but work was busy, your errands took longer than you thought and now you have 5 minutes to throw together a tablescape!  No need to panic!  I am here to help.  Obviously a dinner table overflowing with flowers and candles is spectacular, but let’s be realistic, most of us cannot afford this nor do we have time to set it up.

Here’s an easy tablescape for any dinner party or brunch or ladies night.  It only took 5 minutes to set up and looked really pretty.

Simple and Affordable Tablescape

Here’s what you will need:

Tablecloth (I bought this one for $2 at the thrift store)

Flowers (to save money I simply bought individual flowers with buds to separate only cost $3)

Vintage bottles or small vases (I like the colour these small vintage bottles brought)

Cut the flower stems to the appropriate length, set out the larger flowers and vases first and then fill in the gaps with the smaller vases. Voila!  You are ready for guests.

Easy and Affordabl Tablescape



Window Seat Makeover

DIY Window Seat Before

Our new home has some really cool features like this window seat under the skylight.  I can see the city from the window and I love sitting here in the afternoon when the sun is shining.  What I didn’t like was the blue hideous material!  It had to go.  Every morning I would wake up and look over thinking, I have to do something about that!  Well it turned out it was easier than I thought.  Here is the step by step.

Step One: Find some material

I wanted to use the old throw pillows because they are really comfortable and large ones like that can be expensive.  I had to find material to cover them with, I decided on felt, it was soft and had a great texture.

DIY Window Seat Step 1

Step Two: Measure out the pillow

For this step I simply took off one of the pillow cases and used it as a guide, once I had cut a piece of felt I then used that one piece to trace the rest.

DIY Window Seat Step 2

DIY Window Seat

Step Three: Pin and sew

After I had cut out all 4 pieces I pinned them together.  I don’t have a sewing machine so my friend helped me out on this step!  Phew!  Saved my fingers from hours of hand sewing.

DIY Window Seat Step 3

Step Four: Take off existing material

It was not as easy as I thought to take off this material!  Those staples were really in there!  I tried scissors, a staple remover and then finally started pulling the material which worked in the end.

DIY Window Seat

Step Five: Recover the window seat

To recover the window seat I bought a piece of black material.  I wanted the contrast in the room and couldn’t really have a pattern as our blanket for the bed has a large pattern.  I started by stapling each side in the middle and then working my way down each side.  Finally did the end, below, which was kind of like wrapping a present.

DIY Window Seat

DIY Window Seat

Step Six:  Pom Poms

I added pom poms to the pillows, you can see my pom pom DIY on the other pillow post.  I like the texture and extra colour the pom poms bring!

DIY Window Seat with Pom Pom Pillows

THE BIG REVEAL!  I am so happy to wake up to this window seat each morning and can’t wait to show you the rest of our bedroom DIY!

DIY Window Seat



The only purchase was material and yarn.  I used pillows I already had to recover and the existing window seat material.

DIY Axe Decor

DIY Axe Before

A while back I had seen an axe online with a painted handle and thought it would make a great piece of décor for the new place.  Turns out that axe was $125!  What!?  I decided I would purchase an axe, turns out those are $40, wait a minute this is not very frugal.  I seriously contemplated the store bought axe then left it and set the intention of finding one second hand.  One day I popped into my local Restore and found this great little hatchet for $5, ok that’s more my price, and I set to work.  Here is the tutorial in case you’d like to create your own.

Step 1 – Materials

The axe in the photo above, and for the first part you will need spray paint, whatever colors you choose and painters tape.  I have found the blue painters tape to work better with spray paint.


Step 2 – Tape off the axe

The last thing I wanted was to have spray paint splatter on the axe head or wood handle, so I taped it and then taped it some more!  The exposed wood portion will be painted white as the base.


Step 3 – Spray paint parts 2 and 3

This DIY takes a bit of time as you have to wait for each layer of spray paint to dry.  First step was the white base, then the red on the end, then the black stripe and lastly the silver.   Please don’t mind my garbage bag set up, not all DIY’s are pretty, especially when you are trying to protect the patio!




Step 4 – Create the leather sheath

Once the spray paint is dry, then I was able to move onto the leather sheath.  This is fairly simple.  First start by tracing the axe head and create a pattern that you can trace onto the leather.  PS This leather is completely upcycled!  I bought a bag of leather from a recycling depot and this was saved from a couch!


Step 5 – Materials for the sheath

You will need leather, scissors, punch, rivets, and button.


Step 6 – Trace the pattern

Trace the sheath layout and the piece of leather you will need to secure the sheath onto the head.  I cut this piece longer so I could easily cut it down to size.


Step 7 – Add the rivets

I have seen some axe head sheaths that are sewn together, I didn’t have those materials or skills so I decided to use rivets.  First step in this process is to figure out where they will go, punch them out, then make a mark through that hole onto the other half.





Step 8 – Add the rivets

Rivets are easy, insert, add the backing and hammer to secure.


Step 9 – Add the button

Buttons are actually really easy to add to anything!  When you purchase the pack of buttons they come with a fastener.


The reveal – this DIY was actually pretty easy, the spray paint took a bit of time and patience but I am really happy with how it turned out and can’t wait to find a place for it on the wall.

DIY Axe Final


DIY Axe After