The Jean Jacket, A Fall Staple for Only $5.99

I don’t know if it is officially fall or winter!?!  The weather here has been crazy, sunny to torrential down pour to snow.  I never know what to wear!  I am loving this over-sized jean jacket from the Salvation Army Thrift Store. It works well on warm days or layered with a sweater for those chilly times.


I owned the same jean jacket for years and actually donated to the Salvation Army Thrift Store before purchasing this new one!  Did you know if you donate you can get a $10 off coupon if you spend over $25 at the Salvation Army Thrift Store?

Jean jackets are classic and always a great investment as you can style them across many seasons.  Can you believe I scored this one for $5.99 at the Salvation Army Thrift Store?  A great investment.  The cut works really well as I wanted a jean jacket that was slightly bigger.

FRUGAL FASHION FRIDAY: The Classic Jean Jacket

Jean Jacket: $5.99 (Salvation Army Thrift Store), Black Shirt: $15 (Forever 21), Green Pants: $29 (Joe Fresh), Black Leather Shoes: $125 (Frank + Oak)

TOTAL: $174.99

You know I love a great deal, but I am also about living my best life (on a budget).  If you minus the shoes from this outfit total I only spent $49.99.  I think footwear is an investment piece.  I only have a handful of shoes but they are quality because I wear them all the time.  I know by spending $125 on Spanish made leather shoes they will last at least a couple years.  I have tried to go the cheap shoe route in the past and they only last the season, that is not a smart investment in my opinion.  I know not everyone can afford $125, but maybe make a plan to save for footwear and only purchase one per season or a couple each year.  You’ll thank me and so will your feet.


Plaid and Pumpkins a Frugal Outfit Under $100

Since the cold that has been going around finally hit me, I am featuring a fall outfit from a couple years ago.  All of these pieces are still in my wardrobe!  I thought it was a great example of how affordable clothing or thrifted pieces can last if taken care of properly.

This was from the time we went to check out the Southlands Farm Pumpkin Patch. They have it every year in Vancouver, Mark and I went for a Sunday afternoon date!  We had a blast.   There were animals, a craft area (you know I love glue and cutting stuff), a little farmers market, it was perfect.  You don’t need kids for the pumpkin patch, they are great for a date as well!

FRUGAL FASHION FRIDAY: A Fall Sunday at the Pumpkin Patch

Banana Republic Jacket: $10 (TurnAbout Consignment), Plaid Shirt: $20 (Forever 21),  Mavi Jeans: free (Work Trade), Joe’s Booties: $40 (Winners)


Now the key to making sure all these items last:

1. Jeans/Pants: I always make sure to wash them inside out and I hang them to dry. I feel this has less wear and tear on the material.  The Mavi jeans in the picture are from probably 8 years ago.

2. Jacket/Sweaters: I make sure to take all of them to the dry cleaners.  Even if I buy a secondhand item like this gray Banana Republic jacket for $10, it’s worth the investment to dry clean it.  I’ve had this jacket for four seasons!

3. Shoes: If you have a nice pair of shoes but the sole needs replacing I think it’s a great investment.  These boots are Joe’s brand, real suede and the most comfortable.  I chose to resole them since the boot was still in great shape.  These boots are now 6 years old.



An Engagement Outfit for $50, It’s Possible!

When our wonderful friends offered to throw us an engagement party, I wanted to feel fabulous!  How do you do that on a budget?  Easy!  Know what you are looking for and how much you want to spend. Plus think of places you will find unique items like The Salvation Army Thrift Store. I love thrift shopping because I can find unique pieces at affordable prices.

A lot of times I post about the clothing I find at the Salvation Army Thrift Store but do you ever look for accessories like bags and shoes? How many times have you bough a pair of shoes only to realize they are too big or small, and they end up collecting dust in your closet.  These are the shoes that end up at the thrift store.  These beige booties above are practically brand new, real leather and so comfortable.  Guess what?  They were only $7.99 at my local Salvation Army Thrift Store.

Bags and purses are a wonderful thrift store investment.  I can usually find a high quality leather purses for under $10 at my local Salvation Army Thrift Store. Would you believe this vintage red leather purse is a Holt Renfrew design!  It was a score at only $8.99!

FRUGAL FASHION FRIDAY: Affordable Engagement Outfit

White Dress: $20 (Winners), Black Long Tank: $2.99 (Salvation Army Thrift Store), Vintage Holt Renfrew Purse: $8.99 (Salvation Army Thrift Store), RoseGold Booties: $7.99 (Salvation Army Thrift Store), Costume Necklace: $15 (H&M)

TOTAL: $54.97

This engagement outfit made me feel stunning at our party!  It was so fun to get dressed up and celebrate with all of our wonderful friends.  I have an idea for this dress!  Stay tuned.  I am going to see about altering it and wearing it for another bridal party!  What do you think?  Would that be an affordable way to use this dress again?


A Simple Outfit to Transition Into Fall

Fall fashion can be difficult.  It’s still warm, but kind of cooler, summer dresses are no longer appropriate but it’s not quite time for a leather jacket, it can be tricky.  When I saw this Zara shirt at my local Salvation Army Thrift Store I fell it love.  It’s perfect for fall with a rich emerald green colour and a very light material.  This shirt is the perfect piece to transition into fall.

I was also able to score this vintage bag from the Salvation Army Thrift Store for $8, a great accessory for the fall season.  It has a great clasp on the top and a secret pocket on the bottom.

FRUGAL FASHION FRIDAY – Transition into Fall

Zara Green Shirt: $5 (Salvation Army Thrift Store), Skinny Jeans: $35 (Joe Fresh), Brown Vintage Purse: $8 (Salvation Army Thrift Store), Leather Shoes: $120 (Frank & Oak)

TOTAL: $168

Ok you might be thinking, Tijana you’re buying $5 shirts, how can you justify $120 shoes.  Well here is the thing, I wear shoes every day and I only have a couple pairs.  I need those shoes to last, so if I am purchasing cheaper shoes I am probably having to replace them more often.  Certain items for me like shoes and jackets are worth the investment.


All words and phots by Tijana Popovic of A Plentiful Life

How To Feel Beautiful On A Budget For Your Engagement Photos

This Fugal Fashion Friday features our engagement photos (part two). After reading about my budget woes (if you haven’t you can find the blog here) you know I’m all about being a budget conscious bride.

When it came to our engagement photos I wanted to feel great and a new outfit can always make that happen. I was looking for something practical and that I could wear again. I tried a few different department stores as they always have sales on and a large variety of styles and brands. I was so happy to find this off the shoulder dress at The Bay, which total fit in with the style we were going for. It was on sale for $30 which I was definitely within my budget!


Dress: $30 (The Bay), Seychelle Booties*: $10 (Thrifted)


*I already had the booties in my wardrobe.

I see so many people in my wedding feed spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on dresses, shoes and accessories for their engagement photos.  I totally get wanting to feel your best, but there’s always a budget friendly way to achieve it.  Although some people are not on the same budget as I am and I respect that. Lol.

Here are five tips to help you find the dress of your dreams for less!

1. Look for sales at your favorite stores.  Make sure to sign up for email reminders, so you know when the next big sale is happening.

2. Use an online resource like Shop Style where you can watch items and get notifications if they go on sale.

3. Borrow a dress from a girlfriend!  I honestly wish I had raided one of my friends closets, they all have great style and the dress would’ve only been seen in the engagement photos.

4. Check out your local consignment stores.  They always have great designer or high end options, as well as more affordable choices for way less than you would pay retail.  Locally we have a great store with lot’s of locations called TurnAbout

5. Try a local rental company, they have beautiful pieces for a fraction of what you would pay in store.  Locally we have a great resource call Flaunt Fashion Library.

Hope these tips help you find the dress of your dreams whether it’s for engagement photos, family pictures or even an event!!


All words by Tijana Popovic of A Plentiful Life and photos by Stacie Carr Photography.

Engagement Photos

This Frugal Fashion Friday is one of the outfits from our engagement shoot!  You get a great outfit, and a handsome fella!  I wanted to do two outfits for our engagement photos, one that was fun and the other a little moody.  This is the fun outfit.  I am not sure if it totally worked to be honest, since Mark and I ended up wearing a similar colour.

You know when you have a crazy day?  Everything seems to be smooth sailing, then a giant wave rolls in and knocks you down?  This is what happened prior to our engagement shoot.  We had a great weekend away, to recharge, and were so excited to meet up with the talented Stacie Carr Photography  We had a plan for the afternoon to get ready together, relax, and try on our outfits to make sure they worked, it didn’t happen.  Last minute after a hectic afternoon we quickly tried on a few things.

I love these photos because they reflect the fun Mark and I have together!  We laugh a lot and smooshy (probably not a word!) face kiss.  Yeah maybe the outfits are not the best, but Stacie captured us perfectly and the photos are beautiful.

Sometimes life get’s in the way of our plans and we have to roll with the punches.  Although Mark and I didn’t have the afternoon we planned, we came back together and turned it around.  I love it when Mark hugs me.  I took a deep breath, told him I loved him and almost started crying.  I am so grateful for this man, he has brought so much to my life.

Ok enough of that!  Let’s get to the outfit!


Polka Dot Romper – $15 (H&M), Leather Sandals – $25 (Somewhere in Spain), Costume Jewelry – $4 (Joe Fresh)

TOTAL: $44

We all want to feel special and have great photos for our engagement, but I don’t believe in spending hundreds of dollars to get the “perfect” outfit.  There are so many affordable options from thrift stores to consignment store to affordable department stores.

Stacie Carr thank you for capturing the spirit of the fun we have together.

Thrifted Weekend Bag

I have been searching for a new weekender bag for a while now, with now luck.  I was willing to spend around $200 for a nice bag because we head out of town so often and I really wanted to find something I liked.  Last week I was at my local Salvation Army Thrift Store and saw this beauty!  The bag is huge with a nice opening so you can easily see the contents.  The price tag? Only $25!  You might think that is a lot for a thrift store bag, but it looks brand new, has minimal wear and the ones at the department store were half the size and five times the price.

It doesn’t stop there!  The black tank I am wearing is from Michael Kors and also from my local Salvation Army Thrift Store. Can you guess the price?  It was only $3.


Black Bag: $25 (Salvation Army Thrift Store), Steve Madden Sunglasses: $10 (Winners), Michael Kors Tank Top: $3 (Salvation Army Thrift Store), Grey High/Low Skirt: Free (Clothing Swap), Black Sandals: $15 (Sears)

TOTAL: $53

This bag even has gold studs on the bottom which I think will help with the wear and tear, plus it looks great!  There are so many finds in store at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. What do you need for your weekend getaway?

Frugal Fashion Friday Summer Dress

I love the moment when you are thrift shopping and you find something wonderful you were not looking for!  This dress is exactly that moment.  I was looking for something summery, but I never thought I would find an amazing maxi dress, brand new with tags for $10!

I accessorized it with some thrifted purchases and sunglasses from Winners!  Seriously Winners has the best sunglasses right now.

Ok let’s break this outfit down!

Coral Dress: $10 (thrifted), Jean Jacket: $20 (Winners, I have had this for probably 10 years now), Steve Madden Sunglasses: $16 (Winners), Purse: $5 (thrifted), b.o.c Sandals: $8 (thrifted), Costume Jewelry: $8 (Forever 21)


Now is a great time to look for summer clothing at thrift stores as everyone is going through their closets!  There are great finds at second hand stores, you simply have to know what you are looking for.

Lions Oh My!

I find spring such a hard season!  I never know what to wear.  I love this animal print shirt I found for $3 at the thrift store.  It’s a really thick sweater, so perfect for a transition into spring, no need to layer!

Plus the brighter colours are perfect and paired with the thrifted costume necklace, it’s great for an errand day or meeting some friends after work.

H&M Animal Print Shirt: $3 (Salvation Army), Dark Denim: $30 (Joe Fresh), Franco Sarto Flats: $40 (The Bay – they were regular $120), Costume Necklace: $6 (Salvation Army), Jewelry: $0 (Gifts), London Fog Purse: $30 (Winners)

TOTAL: $109

You will notice I use a lot of the same shoes and purses in my posts, that is because these are the more expensive items and I try to have only a few.  I think it is easy to buy 10 pairs of black shoes that all look different, but I don’t really need it.  I have these one pair of black flats and will wear them until they are worn out.  In the past it was really easy for me to purchase accessories like jackets, shoes, and purses, but I found I only used a handful.  I always had my favorites and wore them all the time. Now I try to buy quality items that will last, are fashionable and to be honest, comfortable!

Yes that is a pompom!  See my previous post for the DIY!  I love making pompoms, it is so easy and they are a great accessory for any bag.

Mustard Yellow Sweater

A few times a year my girlfriends and I get together for a clothing exchange.  It’s amazing!  Sometimes I have clothes I really like and are good quality, but don’t want to donate them.  Attending a clothing swap means I get to trade these nice pieces for other quality clothing.

This mustard yellow sweater is Wilfred brand from Aritzia.  It fits great, I can layer it during the winter with a collared shirt or wear it on it’s own for summer.  I like to dress it up during the day will a big costume necklace.

Let’s breakdown the cost of this outfit!  This is my favorite part because I used to love the magazine layouts featuring a really expensive outfit and the cheaper alternative, but the less expensive option is still around $500!

Wilfred Mustard Yellow Sweater: Free (Clothing Swap), Skinny Jeans: $30 (Joe Fresh), Steve Madden Leopard Print Booties: $8 (TurnAbout Consignment), Costume Necklace: $15 (Forever 21)


Great for the office or going to an after work event.  I also like to layer this sweater with a jean shirt, which give it a more casual look.