Winter to Spring

I had a plan for Frugal Fashion Friday and then it snowed, like crazy!  Check out my instastory to see my yard this morning.  Today is a work inside day and to be honest I only have so many winter jackets to feature!

Here is the outfit I was going to feature, prior to the snow storm!  I thought it was great for a winter to spring transition, if it’s colder I would wear leggings or tights with the jean dress or booties now and cute flats later on.  Let’s break down the cost!

FRUGAL FASHION FRIDAY – Snow Day featuring a Winter to Spring outfit.

Jean Dress: $3 (thrifted – Salvation Army), Aldo Suede Booties: $7 (thrifted – Value Village), Vintage Holt Renfrew Leather Purse: $5 (thrifted – Salvation Army), Gold Watched: $3 (thrifted), Braided Belt: $4 (Joe Fresh), Scarf and Necklace were gifts.

TOTAL: $22 (now that’s a steal)

This is a great winter to spring outfit!  I can wear legging or tights with a heavier jacket now and later on bare legs and maybe a slouchy sweater.  This dress is so soft and comfortable I love it at work or on the weekends.

Green Cropped Sweater

Frugal Fashion Friday

I donated some items at the start of the new year and my closet felt a little barren.  I really wanted a few light sweaters that could transition into spring.  I went to my local Salvation Army to see what they had!  I found this great Anama green crop top sweater for $3.99 and it was practically brand new.  Original price $70.


I paired it with a long black t-shirt that I love!  It looked great with the opening on the side and didn’t make the outfit feel as heavy.



Anama Green Sweater: $3.99 (Salvation Army), Black Long T: $10 (Winners), Levi’s: $10 (The Levi’s Outlet), Black Boots: $70 (Winners), Grey Clutch: $5 (Indigo)

TOTAL: $98.99


There you have it!  Another Frugal Fashion Friday under $100!  The boots were the most expensive piece, but totally worth it!  A heel I can walk in for 12 hours is worth the investment.

Friday the 13th

Frugal Fashion Friday

I thought it would be fun to wear a stylish yet very Friday the 13th outfit today!  I have had this BCBG pant suit for a year, but never had the guts to wear it.  Well it’s time.  I think it really needs the belt.  I am one of these people that always looks bigger than I am, but wearing a belt and creating a waist is the trick!  I was very fortunate to get some lovely jewelry for my birthday which really brings this outfit to life.

Frugal Fashion Friday


BCBG Pant Suit: $15 (Value Village), Zara Booties: $5 (Value Village), Gold Belt: $25 (ASOS), Jewelry: Gifts (MVMT Watch, Rose Gold One of a Few)

TOTAL: $45

For under $50 this outfit is a score!  It can easily transition from day to night, plus it is really comfortable.

Frugal Plaid


Frugal Fashion FridayFRUGAL FASHION FRIDAY – Plaid Edition

I love plaid!  I think it’s fun to dress up or keep casual.  I wear it to the office, around the house and on nights out with some bling!  I scored this amazing black and white plaid shirt dress for $5 at a thrift store and find it very versatile.  I wear it with my leather leggings or jeans.

Frugal Fashion Friday Plaid

It’s still a winter wonderland here in Vancouver, which can mean a lot of layers.  I love this plaid shirt because it’s long and keeps me warm.


Plaid Shirt: $5 (thrifted), Kenneth Cole Leather Jacket: $125 (consignment), Black Belt: $4 (Joe Fresh), Mavi Jeans: Free (still the same pair I worked a party for!), Strategia Boots: $70 (Winners), Vintage Holt Renfrew Purse: $5 (Salvation Army)

TOTAL: $209

Frugal Fashion Friday

Ok let’s get serious!  I know a $200 outfit might not seem frugal, but the leather jacket I have had for a year and is only one of four I own.  The boots were a splurge as I didn’t have black boots and I found a similar pair online for $200! I think I got a deal.

I love finding deals and bargains, occasionally I invest in something like a leather jacket or boots.  Four years ago I bought a pair of Joe’s Booties for $70 at Winners and thought that was insane.  I walked miles in these boots and they are a year round staple in my wardrobe.  This year the sole finally died, but the boot is still good, so it was a great investment.  Sometimes we have to choose items to invest in that fill out our frugalista wardrobes!  You’re worth it!

Snow Day

Frugal Fashion Friday

Vancouver has been getting some snow lately, which is so fun!  It means I get to pull out my warmest clothes and bundle up.  I don’t usually buy jackets new and love vintage!

I found this Canadian made wool coat a couple winters ago, and was a great score at my hometown Value Village.

Frugal Fashion Friday

Vintage Wool Coat: $20 (Value Village), Vintage Leather Gloves: $2 (Thrift Store), Mavi Jeans: Free (worked an event), Wool Socks: Free (Stolen from the BF), Sorel Boots: $40 (3 Vets)

Frugal Fashion Friday TOTAL: $62

Frugal Fashion Friday


Frugal Fashion Friday Hawaii

As summer wrapped up and fall arrived I switched out my wardrobe.  This is a new thing for me, putting away a seasons clothes for another.  It has made life so much easier!  I don’t look through my closet feeling like I have nothing to wear since all my summer clothing is still there, I only have the clothes for that season and love it.  When I swapped out my summer wardrobe for fall I donated some items I was no longer wearing.  When our trip to Hawaii came up I realized my summer wardrobe needed a refresher.  My local Salvation Army was having a 50% off clothing sale, so I waited and made a list of what I wanted to buy.


Yellow Top Shop Shirt: $2 (Salvation Army), Silver Bracelet: $1 (thrifted), Black Shorts: $15 (Levi’s Outlet), Black Sandals: $15 (Sears Summer Sale, Sunglasses: $15 (Winners)


Makawao, Hawaii

We ended up in this cute little town, Makawao in Maui, it had great little shop, an outdoor market and $5 wine carafes!  Most of the little shops carried handmade items, local art and original pieces.  Some were definitely out of my budget but I scored two handmade bracelets at 50% off for myself and sister in law!

Makawao, Hawaii

Happy Thrifting!

Plaid Day to Night

Frugal Fashion Plaid Shirt

You know what I hate, day to night outfits that require me to bring a whole extra set of clothes.  Um, how is it day to night if I actually have to change?  I had a busy day today with a networking brunch, work and Friday night happy hour, I didn’t want to have to pack anything extra.  Here is my take on the day to night outfit, one that works all day long and into the evening.

Tijana Popovic Frugalista

FRUGAL FASHION FRIDAY: Plaid shirt day to night

JPlaid Shirt: $20 (Joe Fresh ), Pencil Skirt: $29(Joe Fresh ), Forever 21 Necklace: $15, London Fog Purse: $30 (Winners), Seychelles Booties: $10 (Thrifted)

TOTAL: $104

Day to Night Fall Fashion

Thrift Tip: When purchasing second hand shoes, be sure to consider the following:

*Are they real leather?  Real leather will last longer and put up with more wear and tear.

*What do the soles look like? If you are going to have to resole your shoes in a few short months, that’s not frugal. Unless of course they are a very high end brand and you are buying them for $2.

*What is the wear on the shoe?  You might see a dream pair of shoes at the thrift store and be blinded by your love!  Make sure to take a step back and really look at the quality and wear the shoes already have.

Happy thrifting Frugalista’s!

Day to night fall fashion

How to dress for success on a frugalista budget.

It’s time.  I don’t know if I am ready but a big girl job has presented itself and would really help my passion projects.  This will force me to be more organized and use my spare time wisely.  It also has me considering a working gal’s wardrobe.  Working from home the past four years hasn’t really helped my professional wardrobe and has simply expanded my comfy clothes pile.  Although I think my new position will allow me to dress somewhere inbetween professional and my own style, which is comforting.

Where to start?  Here are a few points to consider when creating a more professional wardrobe or perhaps expanding or changing up your present one on a frugalista budget.

BE SPECIFIC – So far I haven’t followed this rule, but it is something I will implement this week, I promise.  Being specific means not only thinking about the items you would like to purchase but what you currently have in your closet that could work for you.  Be specific about what you need in order to create a working gal’s wardrobe.  Keep in mind my wardrobe may be very different than yours and that’s perfectly fine.

MAKE A LIST – I love lists.  Nothing get’s me more excited than crossing off an item on a list!  By looking at your current closet you can assess what items you will need and what will enhance what you already have.  Plus a list will help you will stay on budget and only buy what you really need.  If you try your hardest to stick to the list and slip up, buying an item you don’t need, it’s ok.  There’s no point in being hard on yourself.  Simply find a way to integrate it into your professional wardrobe.

COLOR COORDINATE – By this I mean, make sure all of your items flow together.  Maybe your everyday items like skirts, pants and jackets are neutral in a grey or black but your blouses are bright and colorful.  I am not a fan of the entire neutral wardrobe, I need color.  It’s easy to change up the blouse or shirt for the season while keeping the everyday items the same.

 LOVE YOUR PIECES – There’s nothing I hate more than having a closet full of clothes I don’t want to wear.  When purchasing new professional pieces I thought about each item individually and together.  For example I would wear the bright yellow blouse with the stripped blazer and black skirt for work, but I could easily wear either piece on their own in my every day life and feel like myself.  Even though I am thrifting and going to consignment stores, these clothes are still an investment and I want to love the clothes I see in my closet.

BE TRUE TO YOU – Dressing for an office is not easy, but by being true to yourself and your style makes it more fun.  Sure you’re wearing a boring black dress but the amazing silver shoes and over-sized costume necklace, that still look professional, are your unique style.  I think by bringing a little bit of yourself to the outfit you wear all day creates more happiness for you and the office.

HOW MANY PIECES? – This is a great question and one I might not have the answer to yet.  I have been thinking about the professional wardrobe like a capsule wardrobe, items that can interchange, work together cohesively and change with the seasons.  I don’t want the professional wardrobe to take over my closet but I also don’t want to feel as though I am wearing the same item each day.  More on this later.

WHERE TO SHOP – I am choosing to search thrift and consignment stores for the key pieces I am on the hunt for currently.  These are more affordable options and I am able to acquire higher quality clothes at a much discounted price.  I could simply go to a bargain store but the quality would not be the same.  A few items I found this past week still had tags on them and were under $10 but the original price was over $150.  You can’t beat those savings.

Next week I will reveal the first installment of my professional gal wardrobe.  Wish me luck!  Hopefully I can keep to the list.

Frugal Fashion Friday Road Trip

Frugal Fashion Friday Roadtrip

Summer is almost here, officially, and I love driving this time of year.  The key to a good road trip is all in the outfit!  I love to feel cozy and comfortable.  Layers are key, so if you get hot or cold you are able to adjust.  Here I have leggings with a light dress and giant wrap sweater, best $14 purchase I have ever made!

Frugal Fashion Friday Roadtip

Great Wrap Sweater: $14 (somewhere in Houston), Aritzia Dress: $20 (Boxing Day Sale), Leggings: Free (a birthday gift), Black Keds: $20 (8th & Main), Steve Madden Sunglasses: $16 (Winners)


Frugal Fashion Friday Roadtrip

Happy road tripping!