Chai Cocktail & Cookies

Chai Cocktail and Cookies

This past week I made a chai tea concentrate as we are no longer drinking coffee, what?  It turned out delicious and then it had me thinking about adding vodka, and that a Chai Cocktail would be delicious, I was right!  Also this cocktail is totally on budget.  The chai concentrate cost next to nothing to make.

I used this wonderful recipe for the CHAI TEA recipe. It was easy and the whole house smelled wonderful.  I only put in a tablespoon of honey as I didn’t want it to be super sweet.

Chai Tea Cocktail

Chai Tea Cocktail:

2 oz Chai concentrate

1 oz Vodka

Splash of almond milk or cream or regular milk (your choice)

A little sweetener honey or simple syrup or sugar

Sugar and Cinnamon blend on the rim

Star Anise in the drink

** There are no rules, I basically made this up, but it was delicious.

Chai Cocktail and Cookies

This Chai Cocktail would be great for a lunch or brunch or afternoon party. Combined with the shortbread was absolutely delicious.  I used my Gramma’s recipe for the shortbread and it is such a simple recipe.

Grammas Shortbread Recipe

I hope you enjoy this holiday cocktail inspiration and make your own!


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