Chocolate Strawberry Footballs

Super Bowl XLIX
Super Bowl XLIX

If I’m going to host a Superbowl party there has to be at least one themed food!

These chocolate covered strawberries were inexpensive and look great!


1 box Strawberries (I tried to pick a box with smaller strawberries as I find them easier to eat and you get more!)
1 cup Semi Sweet Chocolate
1/4 White Chocolate


* Take the strawberries out of the fridge about an hour before. I find this lessens the condensation and allows the chocolate to harden nicely.

* Take a heavy bottom pot, place on the stove at medium heat.

* Add the milk chocolate to the pot, stir constantly,  it’ll melt fast! When the chocolate is about halfway melted, take off stove snd continue to stir, the heat of the pot will melt the remaining chocolate.  You don’t want to leave it on too long or the chocolate will burn.

* Hold the pot with one hand on an angle so the chocolate pools, then with the other hand dip the strawberries by holding the stem.

* Place dipped strawberries on a plastic cutting board,  this saves the waste of parchment paper or waxed paper.

* When the chocolate on the strawberries is firm, melt the white chocolate in the same way as the milk chocolate.

* When the milk chocolate is melted add a small amount (ie a couple drops) of canola oil.  This helps the white chocolate to stay soft.

* After its cooled take a ziploc bag and spoon the white chocolate into the bag.  Push the white chocolate into one corner with your hand.

* Cut off the top of corner, make sure it is very small or the white chocolate will come out too fast.

Voila! You are ready for a Superbowl  party with some sweet and easy treats!

Chocolate Strawberry Footballs
Chocolate Strawberry Footballs


$2.50 for the strawberries

I always have chocolate on hand for last minute baking or parties! I buy in bulk as it saves money and time.

$2 estimate for chocolate I used.

30 chocolate covered strawberries works out to 15 cents per strawberry!

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