DIY Foraged and Found Centerpiece

Found and Foraged Centrepiece

I am so excited for Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend!  We have decided to stay in town and are going to attend a potluck with some friends! I always like to bring a host gift!  It is the least I do for someone who is opening up their home and usually stuck with a bit of clean up!

Being a frugalista I am not one to go out and buy expensive flowers.  I had some time yesterday, the sun was shining, so I took a walk around my neighborhood to find some items that would create a Thanksgiving centerpiece!  It was so much fun to try and forage for items, and the perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday.  Plus I get to create a gift that was free!

TOOLS: I used only scissors and a hot glue gun.


STEP 1: Start with the base, in my case I found a great piece of driftwood!


STEP 2: Add your first layer!  I foraged some moss that was falling off a rock.  I cut it into 2 pieces to create the illusion of one large piece of moss.


STEP 3: Get out that glue gun and start gluing!

moss and driftwood DIY

STEP 4: Start adding some other elements, and color!  I took the little berry bushel I had found and cut off smaller pieces.

berries, moss, driftwood DIY

STEP 5: Plan out where the items will be placed.  I always test out my placement first before using the glue gun!  Once you are happy with your layout, start gluing!

berries, driftwood, DIY

STEP 6: Finishing touches.  I made sure to turn the piece around so I wasn’t focusing on one side, since it will be displayed down the center!  Fill in the gaps, use extra foraged items.  I ended up only using a few leaves because I really liked the simple look.

DIY foraged

STEP 7: Voila!  Admire your masterpiece!

DIY Centerpiece

DIY Centerpiece

DIY Centerpiece


Up next I will do a simple tablescape to show how you can allow your DIY Found and Foraged Centerpiece to pop!






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