DIY Holiday Banner

Joy Holiday Banner

I was brainstorming a holiday wreath this past weekend, and kept thinking of the last time I made a wreath, it looked great but there was dead greenery on the floor every time I opened the door.  Then I remembered seeing a wall hanging with some lettering and thought a front door banner would look nice.  I wanted something festive but not too in your face holiday.  Then the word joy came to my head and it seemed like the perfect fit.  Joy was the energy I wanted to bring to our home this holiday season.

Here is the best part, I used all my crafting scraps!  This project cost $0!

DIY Holiday Banner

Step 1: Materials  – Gather what you have and assess!

What do you have?  Think of the crafts you’ve made over the past year and all the bits and bobs leftover.  I had the following:

Red Felt

White Material

Pom Poms



Hot Glue

DIY Holiday Banner

Step 2: Pick a font and cut out the lettering.

Yes I could have freehanded this lettering, but I wasn’t in the mood and I wanted to make this quick and easy!  Plus I love tracing.

DIY Holiday Banner

Step 3: Trace your word backwards

No one likes to see trace lines so remember to place your word backwards when tracing!

DIY Holiday Banner

Step 4: Create a banner template.

Once you have your word cut out, figure out the shape and size of your banner.  I wanted the banner to be quite large, so I measured out 19 inches and went from there!

DIY Holiday Banner

Step 5: Trace your banner template.

Again we could free hand, but I wanted the banner to be symmetrical.  I used the clamps to keep it in one place while tracing.

DIY Holiday Banner

Step 6: Cut out the banner.

This part is easy since you already know your banner is perfectly measured!

DIY Holiday Banner

Step 7: Assemble.

You have both pieces cut out.  Lay out the word on the felt or whatever material you are using to see what placement works.

DIY Holiday Banner

Step 8: Glue

I love my hot glue gun!  It’s easy and saves a lot of time.

DIY Holiday Banner

Step 9: Glue some more!

Again gluing was the easiest option for me.

DIY  Holiday Banner

Step 10: Add the dowel.

Since my banner ended up being quite large I crazy glued two pieces together.

DIY Holiday Banner

Step 11: Add the ribbon.

Whatever you have whether it’s sequins or ribbons or yarn, anything that can easily be tied onto the dowel.

Joy Holiday Banner

Step 12: Add pom poms

The banner needed an extra something to finish it off!  I added these pom poms I had from another project!

DIY Holiday Banner

There we are, an simple and easy holiday DIY.  It only took about 30 minutes to create and I didn’t spend any money!

What do you have in your craft stash that you could turn into holiday décor?

DIY Holiday Banner

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