DIY Leather Mouse Pad

Easy DIY Leather Mouse Pad

I recently bought a wireless mouse to help me edit photos, but I totally forgot about a mouse pad!  I went to a local store to purchase one and couldn’t believe it when the cheapest one was $15!  My frugalista self marched right out of there, determined to make my own mouse pad!  On the drive home, I get my best ideas when driving, my leather stash popped into my head.  I figured leather would be the right texture and easy to use the mouse.  I was right!

Step 1 – Pick your material, I chose a tan colored leather I had in my craft box, and get your tools: scissors, template, and chalk.

DIY Mouse Pad Template

DIY Leather Mouse Pad - Step 1

Step 2: Cut out the template and trace it on the back of the leather piece.

DIY Leather Mouse Pad - Step 2

Step 3: Cut out the circle.

DIY Leather Mouse Pad - Step 3

Step 4: Voila!  An easy 5 minute DIY to create a new mouse pad for the office.

Total cost: $0

I used items I already had which makes this DIY frugal on time and materials!

DIY Leather Mouse Pad

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