DIY Table Decor


I love throwing parties! Making it look good can be as simple as adding a few extra touches, like these feather stir sticks! They were easy to make, but added a lovely pop of colour to the table.



*Feathers (any colour, shape or size)
*Porcupine Quill *or a drink stir stick or small wooden cocktail stock
*String (use what you have why spend money if you don’t have to!)



1. Grab a few feathers and lay them on your stir stick, choose a pattern or layer them.

2. Wind the string around to attach the feathers, leaving a small tail from the start of the string.

3. Tie the start and end string together to secure, trim the ends.

Voila! Easy as that!



Feathers: $2 (I still have a lot leftover for another project!)
Porcupine Quills: 60 cents for 6
String: free! (Used what I had on hand)

TOTAL COST: $2.60 and about 10 minutes

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