Easy and Affordable DIY Wedding Table Numbers

When I first started planning our wedding décor I fell in love with an acrylic wedding sign, and I knew I had to create something similar.  I figured I would be able to incorporate this type of signage in other places like our wedding tables to give the venue a cohesive look.  Having the acrylic signs around the wedding space in the end really brought the décor together.

When I posted the table numbers for sale on a wedding site, I did not expect the overwhelming response from other brides wanting to purchase them.  I sold them in a matter of minutes.  After this experience I figured it might be a good idea to share how I made them so other brides could create the same look.



Chalk Pens

8 X 10 Plexiglass

Plastic Cutter

The Wood Base – these were created using 2×2’s and then stained.  My dad created these and I unfortunately do not have photos of this part of the DIY!  I have seen some wooden bases on Etsy.


First step is to prep your numbers.  Cut on the guide line to create to halves.


For the numbers I created two grids in a Word document and kept the centre line as a guide for cutting.  In terms of the font, I used the same font on our wedding invitations and carried it through to the rest of our décor.  This gave everything a cohesive look, and was really one less decision!  If you are looking for fonts Creative Market is great, I’ve also used DaFont (they’re free), and a good place to search is Pinterest as people gather together favorite fonts.


Next you want to use your plastic cutting knife.  I marked the centre of the plastic so I had a line to follow.  You simply score the plastic and once you’ve done that, bend the plastic in half and it will snap.  I may have used some Mark strength to complete this step. You will then have two pieces that are 4 by 5 inches.  In case you want to skip this step, you can, and simply have an 8 by 10 inch piece.


After you have your numbers and plexiglass pieces cut, all you have to do is trace.  If you don’t want to hold the piece, you can tape the number onto the back.  The key with the chalk pen is to shake it a lot and when you’re tracing take the occasional break to press the tip so there’s more liquid on the tip, this will help the pen glide.

Now all you have to do is complete the entire pile! I enjoyed these moments when I was tracing letters and words, with a cheesy movie in the background. Wedding planning can be pretty time consuming, you have to pick a few DIY’s you thoroughly like spending time creating or you will simply be adding stress.


Let’s breakdown how much this wedding DIY cost.  I found similar table numbers on Etsy and they were selling for around $7 per number.  If I had bought them through Etsy for 16 tables, plus shipping would have been around $130.

Plexiglass – 8 pieces @ $3.79 = $30.32

Plastic Cutter – $9.49

Chalk Pens: $6

Wood Base – Free (that was lucky)

TOTAL: $45.81

This works out to a third of the cost had I bought the table numbers online.  Although it take about an hour to make, it was totally worth it!  I loved how they looked on our tables.  What do you think?  Would you pay the $130 or DIY the table numbers yourself?

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