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This Frugal Fashion Friday is one of the outfits from our engagement shoot!  You get a great outfit, and a handsome fella!  I wanted to do two outfits for our engagement photos, one that was fun and the other a little moody.  This is the fun outfit.  I am not sure if it totally worked to be honest, since Mark and I ended up wearing a similar colour.

You know when you have a crazy day?  Everything seems to be smooth sailing, then a giant wave rolls in and knocks you down?  This is what happened prior to our engagement shoot.  We had a great weekend away, to recharge, and were so excited to meet up with the talented Stacie Carr Photography  We had a plan for the afternoon to get ready together, relax, and try on our outfits to make sure they worked, it didn’t happen.  Last minute after a hectic afternoon we quickly tried on a few things.

I love these photos because they reflect the fun Mark and I have together!  We laugh a lot and smooshy (probably not a word!) face kiss.  Yeah maybe the outfits are not the best, but Stacie captured us perfectly and the photos are beautiful.

Sometimes life get’s in the way of our plans and we have to roll with the punches.  Although Mark and I didn’t have the afternoon we planned, we came back together and turned it around.  I love it when Mark hugs me.  I took a deep breath, told him I loved him and almost started crying.  I am so grateful for this man, he has brought so much to my life.

Ok enough of that!  Let’s get to the outfit!


Polka Dot Romper – $15 (H&M), Leather Sandals – $25 (Somewhere in Spain), Costume Jewelry – $4 (Joe Fresh)

TOTAL: $44

We all want to feel special and have great photos for our engagement, but I don’t believe in spending hundreds of dollars to get the “perfect” outfit.  There are so many affordable options from thrift stores to consignment store to affordable department stores.

Stacie Carr thank you for capturing the spirit of the fun we have together.

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