How To Feel Beautiful On A Budget For Your Engagement Photos

This Fugal Fashion Friday features our engagement photos (part two). After reading about my budget woes (if you haven’t you can find the blog here) you know I’m all about being a budget conscious bride.

When it came to our engagement photos I wanted to feel great and a new outfit can always make that happen. I was looking for something practical and that I could wear again. I tried a few different department stores as they always have sales on and a large variety of styles and brands. I was so happy to find this off the shoulder dress at The Bay, which total fit in with the style we were going for. It was on sale for $30 which I was definitely within my budget!


Dress: $30 (The Bay), Seychelle Booties*: $10 (Thrifted)


*I already had the booties in my wardrobe.

I see so many people in my wedding feed spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on dresses, shoes and accessories for their engagement photos.  I totally get wanting to feel your best, but there’s always a budget friendly way to achieve it.  Although some people are not on the same budget as I am and I respect that. Lol.

Here are five tips to help you find the dress of your dreams for less!

1. Look for sales at your favorite stores.  Make sure to sign up for email reminders, so you know when the next big sale is happening.

2. Use an online resource like Shop Style where you can watch items and get notifications if they go on sale.

3. Borrow a dress from a girlfriend!  I honestly wish I had raided one of my friends closets, they all have great style and the dress would’ve only been seen in the engagement photos.

4. Check out your local consignment stores.  They always have great designer or high end options, as well as more affordable choices for way less than you would pay retail.  Locally we have a great store with lot’s of locations called TurnAbout

5. Try a local rental company, they have beautiful pieces for a fraction of what you would pay in store.  Locally we have a great resource call Flaunt Fashion Library.

Hope these tips help you find the dress of your dreams whether it’s for engagement photos, family pictures or even an event!!


All words by Tijana Popovic of A Plentiful Life and photos by Stacie Carr Photography.

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