Friday the 13th

Frugal Fashion Friday

I thought it would be fun to wear a stylish yet very Friday the 13th outfit today!  I have had this BCBG pant suit for a year, but never had the guts to wear it.  Well it’s time.  I think it really needs the belt.  I am one of these people that always looks bigger than I am, but wearing a belt and creating a waist is the trick!  I was very fortunate to get some lovely jewelry for my birthday which really brings this outfit to life.

Frugal Fashion Friday


BCBG Pant Suit: $15 (Value Village), Zara Booties: $5 (Value Village), Gold Belt: $25 (ASOS), Jewelry: Gifts (MVMT Watch, Rose Gold One of a Few)

TOTAL: $45

For under $50 this outfit is a score!  It can easily transition from day to night, plus it is really comfortable.

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