Frugal Fashion Friday Summer Dress

I love the moment when you are thrift shopping and you find something wonderful you were not looking for!  This dress is exactly that moment.  I was looking for something summery, but I never thought I would find an amazing maxi dress, brand new with tags for $10!

I accessorized it with some thrifted purchases and sunglasses from Winners!  Seriously Winners has the best sunglasses right now.

Ok let’s break this outfit down!

Coral Dress: $10 (thrifted), Jean Jacket: $20 (Winners, I have had this for probably 10 years now), Steve Madden Sunglasses: $16 (Winners), Purse: $5 (thrifted), b.o.c Sandals: $8 (thrifted), Costume Jewelry: $8 (Forever 21)


Now is a great time to look for summer clothing at thrift stores as everyone is going through their closets!  There are great finds at second hand stores, you simply have to know what you are looking for.

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