Gifts Under $50

Holiday Gifts Under $50

I had a few people wonder how I could stick to my $50 holiday budget, I thought it was easy, so I wanted to show what I’ve bought!  I have seen a lot of these holiday lists where they list items under $100, but it’s one gift! I really like to have a few little gifts for each person and make my money go further.

Most years we try to support local by going to holiday markets, hitting up shops in our neighborhood and looking for local vendors when away.  I really feel the quality you get is higher and the items are always unique.

I have a couple examples to share of holiday gifts for everyone on your list.  In all these examples the gifts do not go over $50, well close.  I like to look at it as a challenge every year.  Buying nice items that still fall within budget is totally realistic.

Holiday Gifts for Little Girl Under $50

THE LITTLE GIRL – This gift pack is for my niece!  I always like to buy a few fun items and then something practical.  Maui Shirt – $20 (Local Shop), Melissa & Doug Bead Set – $16 (Winners), and Felt Car Organizer – $14 (Amazon) TOTAL COST: $50  (I am most excited about the felt organizer!  The kids love to have their books and water bottles in the car, which can be a disaster, but this organizer has an elastic to go over the seat in front of them, holding everything they need!)

Holiday Gifts for Mom under $50

THE MOM – Whether you are shopping for your mom or a mother-in-law, it’s always nice to get a few different items.  In our family my mom buys everyone an ornament so I make sure she also get’s one each year!  Necklace & Earring Set – $40 (Sunshine Coast Art Crawl), Tea Samples – $2.50 each (Dare to Dream Soiree), Whale Ornament – $5 (Handcrafted by an artist in Maui) TOTAL COST: $50  My mom works so hard to bring everyone together, I always like to buy her something pretty she wouldn’t buy for herself.  She loves handmade jewelry and I knew she’d love this set right away!

Holiday Gifts for Him Under $50

THE GUY – It might be a brother or boyfriend, we all have the guys in our lives we need to buy for!  My guy loves fun socks, so I try and find a pair every year for him!  Wood Cutting Board – $25 (Sunshine Coast Art Crawl), Languiole Cheese Knives – $15 (Winners), Pair of Thieves Socks – $6 (Target), Underwear – $10 (Target) TOTAL COST: $56 (Uh oh! I am over! But I came under on a different gift so it’s ok)  Also this is the second year I have posted my guys holiday undies, lol!

Holiday Gifts for a Sister Under $50

THE SISTER – We all have those wonderful ladies, a sister or friend or sister-in-law to buy for, they are the most fun!  As you can see I love purchasing a few smaller items, rather than one large item.  Tea Towel – $5 (Local Shop Maui), Tea – $2.50 each (Dare to Dream Soiree), Cute Bookmarks – $8 (CraftedVan), Kitty Cat Necklace – $12 (Tessaramics) TOTAL COST: $30 (What?! Would you look at this gift and think, oh that’s cheap!  No way!)  The last two items listed were bought at the Etsy Vancouver Market.

There you are!  Gift pack ideas for everyone on your list.  Now I understand we don’t all have time to go to markets or art crawls or check out local shops, so I would suggest checking out listed vendors for different events because they most likely sell online.  I also think Amazon and Winners are great resources to find specific items like cheese knives.

Happy hunting!



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