A Thrifted Halloween Front Door Reveal

Costume Party Zone Front Door Takeover!  I am so excited to reveal how I used my thrifted DIY skulls to decorate.  I went for an old school look with the orange pumpkins, a plastic skeleton and some cheesy Halloween décor items.  Except for a few items I already owned all of the Halloween décor is from the Salvation Army Thrift Stores Costume Party Zone.

The key to creating a great décor display is levels.  If you try to put everything out on the ground, it simply won’t work.  I used candle sticks, the old crate, and a few old books to help give the décor different levels.  For me I really wanted to stick with a colour scheme.  I chose black, gold, white and orange.  This made planning easier and really gave the décor a cohesive look. (I totally regret not spray painting the large skeleton gold!)

Costume Party Zone Front Door Takeover!

Salvation Army Thrift Store: Skulls/$6, Skeleton/$2, Spider/$3, Candleholders/$12, Tombstones/$2, Lanterns/$4

Banner: Free (I already had these materials on hand)  If you want to make your own check out my post from last year, it’s really easy to make and you can save it for the following year.

Antlers: Free (part of my décor, and they are sheds so no animal was killed for them, just as a side note!)

Pumpkins: $16 (some of these were leftover from our engagement party the rest I sources from Lowblaws)

TOTAL: $45

Funny how quickly all the décor adds up!  If $45 is a little out of your budget, invest in one large pumpkin, skip the candles and you’re down to $25.  I really wanted to feature the Salvation Army Thrift Store items so bought a little more than I normally would have.  Plus we have never had any Halloween décor before, and it was so much fun to decorate!

As with every thrift store post, I will remind you to have a plan.  If you own some decorations already, perhaps you only need a few pieces from the Costumer Party Zone to bring it all together!  Know what those items are, make a list and stick to it!  If you are starting from scratch and like me are without any décor, then start by thinking of what your theme will look like. As mentioned I wanted a classic black and gold look featuring skulls and some low lights.  I made this look happen with my easy 5 minute DIY.


2 thoughts on “A Thrifted Halloween Front Door Reveal

    1. Logan, thank you so much! It was hard to stick to a budget, but worth it in the end. To be able to decorate for under $50 and items I can keep for the future was great. XO Tijana

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