See How One Change Made a Difference in This Kitchen Makeover

We love our new home but we also really like to cook and our kitchen can be a little frustrating at times.  We dream of the day when we get to tear down all the walls and make the space even bigger.  (Why did they have to create breakfast nooks in the 80’s!)  We are not at a time where we can renovate, I guess the wedding plans come first at the moment.

We started to brainstorm little ways we could make our kitchen more enjoyable with a small investment of time and money.  The final decision was to change the sink.  We had a very small sink that made dishes a nightmare.  If you washed dishes you looked like you had come out of the shower.

After doing some online research we decided on the Westinghouse sink, which we found at Costco.  It was a large sink but also had the inserts of a second sink, strainer and cutting board, so not only are we gaining a larger sink but a better prep area. We paid $399, but it is on sale at Costco right now for $319.  Although that was an investment for a small upgrade, we chose this sink because when we do renovate this sink can be under mounted as well, which means it will also work in the future.

It took Mark a couple hours to install, I was on clean up duty! And at the end of it the kitchen looked like a different space.  It is amazing how one small change can revamp a whole space.  We can’t wait to entertain, cook and clean in the new kitchen.

It’s so nice to have a new space. I even cleaned off the counters, found a vintage rug on Craigslist for $40, and now our space is refreshed for under $500.  Look at all the details on this vintage rug!  Such a great find.

Here are the three ways you can use the sink!  It’s perfect for dinner parties and big cooking days.


All words and photos by Tijana Popovic of A Plentiful Life

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