Lions Oh My!

I find spring such a hard season!  I never know what to wear.  I love this animal print shirt I found for $3 at the thrift store.  It’s a really thick sweater, so perfect for a transition into spring, no need to layer!

Plus the brighter colours are perfect and paired with the thrifted costume necklace, it’s great for an errand day or meeting some friends after work.

H&M Animal Print Shirt: $3 (Salvation Army), Dark Denim: $30 (Joe Fresh), Franco Sarto Flats: $40 (The Bay – they were regular $120), Costume Necklace: $6 (Salvation Army), Jewelry: $0 (Gifts), London Fog Purse: $30 (Winners)

TOTAL: $109

You will notice I use a lot of the same shoes and purses in my posts, that is because these are the more expensive items and I try to have only a few.  I think it is easy to buy 10 pairs of black shoes that all look different, but I don’t really need it.  I have these one pair of black flats and will wear them until they are worn out.  In the past it was really easy for me to purchase accessories like jackets, shoes, and purses, but I found I only used a handful.  I always had my favorites and wore them all the time. Now I try to buy quality items that will last, are fashionable and to be honest, comfortable!

Yes that is a pompom!  See my previous post for the DIY!  I love making pompoms, it is so easy and they are a great accessory for any bag.

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