Meal Planning – Can It Save Money

Meal Planning


I usually like to make a loose plan for the week, it helps me to be organized and to also not waste food.  There’s nothing I hate more than buying food for the week and having to throw half of it out because it goes unused.  Lately I have been buying food each day, that way I am only buying what I need and there is less waste.

I am going to post my meal plan and will follow-up next week with the final costs.  I am aiming for $20 per day for 2 people, fingers crossed I can meet my goal!  I have an overall budget for the month and usually stick to it but I wanted to see if I made a weekly plan that I could really see the savings.  On average I try to spend $400 per month for 2 people on food.  Obviously some months are over due to needing oils or baking items or refilling the spice cupboard.

SUNDAY: Prep Day

Bake Muffins (12 total 25 cents each)

Make Power Cookies (20 total approx 40 cents each)

Already we have some healthy snacks at a fraction of the cost.


Breakfast – Smoothie (Banana/Avocado/Bee Pollen/Flax/Water)

Lunch – Power Cookie and Yogurt (me) and Leftover Quinoa/Arugula/Nut Salad (Mark)

Dinner – Mushroom/Goat Cheese/Arugula Tacos


Breakfast – Juice (Apple/Carrot/Ginger) and Smoothie (Banana/Peanut Butter/Cocoa)

Lunch – Muffin and Apple (me) and Salad made with leftover taco ingredients (Mark)

Dinner – Power Bowl (Cabbage/Sweet Potatoes/Kale/Brown Rice/Chickpeas/Avocado)


Breakfast – Juice (Beet/Apple/Celery) and Breakfast Sandwich (Egg/Cheese)

Lunch – Power Bowl leftovers

Dinner – Homemade Black Bean Burger and Fries


Breakfast – Power Cookie and Smoothie (Fruit/Bee Pollen/Flax/Water)

Lunch – Black Bean Salad with leftover dinner ingredients with Homemade Lime Dressing

Dinner – Vietnamese Spring Rolls


Breakfast – Muffin and Yogurt

Lunch – Vietnamese Salad – Made with leftovers from the rolls

Dinner – Falafel with Roasted Vegetables and Homemade Humus


Breakfast – Waffles (reheat from frozen)

Lunch – Charcuterie Plate (Using leftover humus, vegetables and whatever else is in the fridge)

Dinner – Ramen Bowl (Vegetables and Homemade Stock – add protein and fixings)


Breakfast – Power Bowl (Quinoa/Mixed Greens/Roasted Nuts/Avocado/Poached Eggs with Lemon Dressing)

Lunch – Falafel Wrap with leftover ingredients

Dinner – Pizza (this is a use whatever is in the fridge pizza)

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