Moving Checklist and Tips

Moving Day Boxes

It is happening!  We are moving.  I secretly love moving.  It is a chance to purge items no longer needed, revamp décor and start fresh.  I like the thrill of selling items on Craigslist and getting a bit of money from items that don’t work in the new place.  So far I have made over $300 on Craigslist which has allowed me to purchase a new desk, cutlery and a piece of furniture.

I was thinking about moving and the whole process so I decided to make a checklist and a tips sheet in case you have a move coming up as well.

Moving Checklist

Pretty simple and straight forward checklist to cover all your bases.  I think it will really help me to keep on track and make sure all the important items are taken care of prior to moving day!

I also thought it would be great to include some tips!

Moving Tips

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