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Summer is upon us and the most difficult task will be packing a weekend bag.  Getaways are fun but when you spend the week prior packing and then have to carry around a heavy bag, is it worth it?  I am trying to find a more efficient way to pack so it doesn’t take over my week before the getaway or hurt my back on the way.

A few things to consider prior to packing:

star icon  What is the weather?  Simplest way to find out is to search online and see what the current temperature is in the city you are travelling to as well as what the days you are there look like.  I know Mr. Weatherman is not always correct, but at least this will give you a good idea of what to expect.

star icon  Why are you going?  If you are headed to a wedding you might pack something different than say for a bachelorette weekend or a relaxing getaway.  Make sure you are packing for the type of weekend you are attending.  It’s easy to pack our favorite items only to realize they were not needed.

star icon  How are you travelling?  This one has really helped me to consider what to bring.  For example are you going on a road trip with 4 people and there is minimal trunk space? No one wants to be the person with the one bag taking up most of the space!  Are you flying but your travel companion has a small carry-on which will save time when checking in and out?  Packing light can also save you time!

star icon  How many days are you away?  Realistically if you are only gone for 2 days you don’t need 5 pairs of pants, you probably wouldn’t even have time to wear 5 pairs of pants.  I know we all want options and sometimes it’s hard to decide ahead of time what to wear, but by laying all your clothing out and being able to mix and match, I think you will have more options than you realize.

star icon  Do you really need it? When considering your weekend bag, do you really  need 5 pairs of shoes?  Do you maybe have a pair that could work for a walk and travel day?  It’s easy to pack multiples of items such as shoes, make up, toiletries, etc but if you are able to get rid of a few, it can easily lighten the load.  I recently purchases a eye shadow compact that has 10 colors, is small and lightweight, it eliminated the need for a bigger make up bag.

Ok now for the packing!  I saw this amazing post online a while back and it totally made sense to me!  The idea behind packing your bag was as easy as 5-4-3-2-1!

5  TOPS – Bring a tank top, t-shirt, blouse, whatever kind of top you would like, options for day or night are great, as well as being able to mix and match!

4  BOTTOMS – A dress, skirt, shorts or pants, depending on where you are going!  Keep in mind to make sure the bottoms match with your tops, you want to be able to wear them in any combination.

3  ACCESSORIES – Bag, scarf, sun hat or jewelry, whatever you need for your weekend away!

2  SHOES – A flat for walking, a heel for a party or flip flops for the beach, whatever you require!  But only 2 pairs of shoes!

1  SWIMSUIT – a bikini or one piece, whatever your heart desires.

Please keep in mind I am not including a dress for a wedding or a specific outfit you may need for an event.  That will most likely only be one outfit and I think we can keep that separate!

Ok hopefully that helps you to keep weekend packing simple and easy!

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