Signature Cocktail for a Party

When I host dinner parties or have friends over I hate getting stuck in a different room trying to prep food or get items ready and miss out on all the good conversation.  For the last little bit I have started prepping before everyone arrives, I realize this is not… Read More

Cleaning with Vinegar

When I was young my mom would always use hot water and vinegar to clean our floors, I loved the smell but never continued the tradition as an adult.  Why haven’t I used vinegar as a cleaner?  It’s cheaper, more environmentally friendly and can replace numerous bottles in your cleaning… Read More

Easy Skillet Brunch

A simple way to use leftover veggies from the week! There’s no recipe involved, simply get out your ingredients and start cooking. Here’s what was used: Half an onion chopped 1 clove of garlic 1/2 pound of bacon chopped Handful of marinated mushrooms Handful of chopped cherry tomatoes 5 small… Read More

DIY Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are everywhere!  I went shopping for a pair and couldn’t justify the large price tag for something ripped!  I was lucky enough to score these jeans for free from a friend!  I figured the time was now, the jeans were free, and if it went horribly wrong at… Read More

Easy Apple Chips

I hate wasting food, for so many reasons. I always try to use what I have and be creative with recipes.  Today is simple! A bag of apples into Apple Chips. These apples were not going to be used and after Easter everyone was craving something sweet, apple chips are… Read More

DIY Ring

My ring from yesterdays Frugal Fashion Friday. One of my first DIY jewelry projects. I’d see  this huge ring in a magazine and wanted to created something similar. I went to my craft box got out some faux pearls and copper then started twisting them together. This ring has lasted… Read More