Easy Apple Chips

I hate wasting food, for so many reasons. I always try to use what I have and be creative with recipes.  Today is simple! A bag of apples into Apple Chips. These apples were not going to be used and after Easter everyone was craving something sweet, apple chips are… Read More

DIY Ring

My ring from yesterdays Frugal Fashion Friday. One of my first DIY jewelry projects. I’d see  this huge ring in a magazine and wanted to created something similar. I went to my craft box got out some faux pearls and copper then started twisting them together. This ring has lasted… Read More


FRUGAL FASHION FRIDAY: Spring Gap Jean Shirt: $3 (thrifted), Black Dress Pants with Suspenders: $10 (Zara), Black Gold Tipped Shoes: $40 (Steve Madden), Pink and Beige Purse: $30 (Winners), Costume Jewelry: $4 (Forever 21) Ring: DIY (free) TOTAL COST: $87 I wanted to wear something fun today! It’s Vancouver Fashion… Read More

Craigslist Tips

I love spring it’s such a wonderful energy, and it always makes me want to purge and clean! Craigslist the online vortex where I could lose hours looking for nothing in particular, but when you have a clear vision in mind Craigslist always comes through. Here are some of my… Read More

DIY House Plants

I have been wanting some house plants lately to brighten up the space.  I always kills house plants, always. I decided I didn’t want to make a huge investment this time, as my track record has shown I don’t have a green thumb.  I decided to use some pots I… Read More

DIY Leather Calendar

Life is chaotic and crazy busy this year!  I already have 4 weddings to attend this year!  Although I have my digital calendar I was needing something that was more visual and near my desk as a reminder.  I went to Staples to buy a calendar and couldn’t believe what… Read More

Simple Sunday Breakfast!

Needed something healthy to kick off this Sunday as I’m helping a friend move! Here’s a breakfast that’ll give you energy and takes less than 5 minutes!! Simple Steps: 1. Crush avacado in a bowl, your decretion as to how much you use. 2. Preheat a pan with a dash… Read More


FRUGAL FASHION FRIDAY: Earth Tones Green Dress: $20 (Aritzia), Brown Belt: $4 (Joe Fresh), White Knee High Socks: $4 (Joe Fresh), Steve Madden Leather Boots: $35 (Army & Navy Sample Sale), Vintage Sweater: $4 (Thrifted) TOTAL COST: $67 Add a Comment Share

Chocolate Strawberry Footballs

If I’m going to host a Superbowl party there has to be at least one themed food! These chocolate covered strawberries were inexpensive and look great! Ingredients: 1 box Strawberries (I tried to pick a box with smaller strawberries as I find them easier to eat and you get more!)… Read More