Blooms & Banners Workshop

I am beyond excited to announce I will be teaching my first workshop alongside Il Floraio at the Juice Truck in Vancouver next month!  How exciting.  I love to DIY and feel so grateful for the chance to work with you on one!  This DIY will be stunning but the… Read More

Engagement Photos

This Frugal Fashion Friday is one of the outfits from our engagement shoot!  You get a great outfit, and a handsome fella!  I wanted to do two outfits for our engagement photos, one that was fun and the other a little moody.  This is the fun outfit.  I am not… Read More

DIY Picnic Basket

I love summertime!  Connecting with friends, eating great food and enjoying the weather.  One thing we didn’t have was a picnic basket.  We kept trying to pack up our food into a backpack, which didn’t work at all! I decided it was time to up our picnic game.  Do you… Read More

My Mom Talks Money

A few weeks ago my Money article sparked quite the response.  I had some great conversations about other people’s money journeys, how they didn’t understand why money wasn’t talked about in schools and the choices they are making now to educate themselves.  This is where I am at, educating myself. … Read More