Vintage Blue Dress

Sometimes I see a piece and think, that’s ridiculous and I love it.  When I saw this dress at a consignment store, I prayed it would fit and it did!  Nothing like throwing it back to the 80’s with a ruffle dress. I think there are so many ways to… Read More

Bedroom Reveal

Remember this sad scene?  Oh man, we didn’t have any storage or lights or anywhere to sit.  We needed to make a change.  See my previous bedroom post to see my bedroom inspiration photo and idea board. It’s finally here!  The after photos of our bedroom.  It was pretty easy… Read More

My Mom Talks Money

A few weeks ago my Money article sparked quite the response.  I had some great conversations about other people’s money journeys, how they didn’t understand why money wasn’t talked about in schools and the choices they are making now to educate themselves.  This is where I am at, educating myself. … Read More

Bedroom Makeover

BEDROOM MAKEOVER!  I love our bedroom with the skylight, angled ceilings, great natural light and lots space!  When we moved in it was all beige, which I could deal with, but then our bed frame wouldn’t fit up the stairs.  All we had was a mattress on the floor.  It was a little… Read More

Budget or Bust

I am currently working on a few DIY’s and was thinking about how expensive some projects can be. Sometimes making your own headboard or making over a piece of furniture might not be the most budget friendly. Here are a few tips before you start your DIY to make sure… Read More

Wall Hanging

When you change one piece of décor it seems like a domino effect!  All of a sudden your painting doesn’t work with the colour scheme.  We changed a few items in our dining room and livingroom, then the blue painting we had on the wall looked out of place. I… Read More


The word makes people cringe, doesn’t matter if you don’t have a lot of it or it’s in abundance, for some reason no one wants to talk about it.  My parents never taught me about money (although they are good with it, better than me even), teachers never told me… Read More

Budget Valentines Gift

Need a last minute Valentines gift for yourself or your sweetheart or a best girlfriend?  I have the solution!  It’s an easy DIY that you can complete tonight and will cost under $30.  Great on time and budget! I was brainstorming something easy to make for Valentines Day, so I looked… Read More