Thrifting Tips

I post about thrift shopping often and people always ask me how I do it!  I figured it was time to share a few tips on thrifting and it turns out The Salvation Army Thrift Store is having a $2 sale this Friday so you can put these to the test! HAVE… Read More

Spring to Summer

I love spring!  I can finally shed all the scarves, sweaters and rain boots and bring some lightness into my wardrobe.  This year I really wanted a green army jacket that was lightweight so I could layer it in the spring but also wear it in the summer.  I lucked… Read More

We Bought A House

We bought a house, well a year ago now.  This April was our one year anniversary of living in our new home (see view from our bedroom above). I was sitting in the living room this past weekend and reminded of this wonderful moment last year when our families came together to… Read More

Lantern DIY

I realized as I was editing the photos for this DIY, that maybe, I might, just a little, have a thing for black lately.  Wanted to admit I recognized it, but probably won’t stop.  I really like to use what I have on hand for DIY’s, and I happened to… Read More

Lions Oh My!

I find spring such a hard season!  I never know what to wear.  I love this animal print shirt I found for $3 at the thrift store.  It’s a really thick sweater, so perfect for a transition into spring, no need to layer! Plus the brighter colours are perfect and paired with the… Read More

DIY PomPoms

I know, I know, it’s been a lot of pompoms lately!  I was so excited to partner with the Fall for Local Market this past weekend!  We made some great pompoms.  I am not going to lie, I cheated!  I ended up buying the pompom makers from Michael’s craft store… Read More

Patio Makeover Inspiration

I have been wanting to add a patio set to the yard since last year!  After we bought our place, we were on a bit of a budget after a few large furniture purchases.  This year I made it my goal to makeover the patio! Since I loved the Applaro patio set… Read More