Plaid and Pumpkins a Frugal Outfit Under $100

Since the cold that has been going around finally hit me, I am featuring a fall outfit from a couple years ago.  All of these pieces are still in my wardrobe!  I thought it was a great example of how affordable clothing or thrifted pieces can last if taken care of properly.

This was from the time we went to check out the Southlands Farm Pumpkin Patch. They have it every year in Vancouver, Mark and I went for a Sunday afternoon date!  We had a blast.   There were animals, a craft area (you know I love glue and cutting stuff), a little farmers market, it was perfect.  You don’t need kids for the pumpkin patch, they are great for a date as well!

FRUGAL FASHION FRIDAY: A Fall Sunday at the Pumpkin Patch

Banana Republic Jacket: $10 (TurnAbout Consignment), Plaid Shirt: $20 (Forever 21),  Mavi Jeans: free (Work Trade), Joe’s Booties: $40 (Winners)


Now the key to making sure all these items last:

1. Jeans/Pants: I always make sure to wash them inside out and I hang them to dry. I feel this has less wear and tear on the material.  The Mavi jeans in the picture are from probably 8 years ago.

2. Jacket/Sweaters: I make sure to take all of them to the dry cleaners.  Even if I buy a secondhand item like this gray Banana Republic jacket for $10, it’s worth the investment to dry clean it.  I’ve had this jacket for four seasons!

3. Shoes: If you have a nice pair of shoes but the sole needs replacing I think it’s a great investment.  These boots are Joe’s brand, real suede and the most comfortable.  I chose to resole them since the boot was still in great shape.  These boots are now 6 years old.



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