Planning Ahead For Weekday Meals


I’ve been trying to simplify my life lately. It’s not easy. Everything from less clutter to a smaller wardrobe to planning ahead.

Today is about planning ahead with food and how it can save you money and time during the week.

Let’s take two women Penny Planner vs. Lizzy Last Minute.

Penny Planner is always thinking ahead and by doing so saves herself time and money, both valuable.

A typical start to the week for Penny Planner

SUNDAY – Makes a meal plan for the first few days of the week, gets groceries for those meals and lunches, sets aside time in the evening to make muffins or healthy power balls (maybe this takes 15 minutes).

MONDAY – In the morning makes a coffee and has a homemade breakfast, prepares a lunch to take with her, when she gets home is relaxed because she knows she has food and ingredients for a delicious meal.

A typical start to the week for Lizzy Last Minute

SUNDAY – Watches her favorite TV show doesn’t prep or buy any food for the week.

MONDAY – Rushes out of the house, grabs a drive-through breakfast of coffee and a muffin, goes out for lunch during the work day, comes home realizes she doesn’t have ingredients to make a meal so orders sushi.

Not only are these women opposite in their eating, one being homemade and the other being mainly fast food, but their spending habits are quite different.

In an average week, say Monday to Friday, let’s compare their spending.

Penny Planner

Muffins for the week – $3
Powerball snacks for the week- $2
Lunches for the week (salads) – $10
Dinners for the week (with a few leftovers) – $25
Snacks like apples or carrots/homemade hummus or kale chips – $5

(This taking into account bulk purchases for baking, vegetables etc)

Lizzy Last Minute

Coffee and muffin – $3.50 X 5 days = $17
Lunches for the week – $7 X 5 days = $30
Dinner for the week – $10 X 5 = $50
Snacks for the week -$10


Not only did Lizzy Last Minute spend $62 more than Penny Planner, she also spent a lot more time trying to get food and her on the go options were not as healthy.

Lizzy Last Minute may think $3.50 in the morning during the week seems like a small amount but that works out to $70 per month for an on the go breakfast.

For Penny Planner buying in bulk keeps costs down and allows homemade goods such as muffins to cost 50 cents each during the week, which over the month is $10.

I realize baking is a small time investment but it’s less than adding 10 minutes to the morning commute!

Let’s call this a trial, be Penny Planner for a week and see how smoothly life runs,ย  how much less time you spend trying to get food and the savings you aquire from planning ahead when it comes to meals during the week.

Happy Planning!

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