The Simple Platter

The Simple Platter

Do you believe you can recreate the platter above in three simple steps?  I am here to show you how.  I love hosting parties and having guests over, but prepping can sometimes take a lot of time, here’s an easy three steps to keep it simple, but still create a wonderful platter.

STEP 1: The Base

The Simple Platter

Use what you have in your kitchen pantry.  We bought these inexpensive wood cutting boards and were gifted the cheeseboard, they look really great as a base and create a nice contrast.

STEP 2: The Ingredients

The Simple Platter

The ingredients are up to you!  I love to include a variety, here I have cheese, olives, tomatoes, bread, and meat.

STEP 3: The Decor

The Simple Platter

The platters you see online look full as they have a lot of extra items like fruit, nuts, table runners, etc.  I prefer to use items that will not go to waste.  The plums were eaten up, I used the lemons in a drink and the rosemary went into breakfast potatoes!


Think of your platter as layers.

Layer #1 – Tablecloth or Tablerunner and extra tea towels or material

Layer #2 – The different bases, spread out

Layer #3  – The ingredients, laid out in any fashion, I kept everything in groups.

Layer #4 – The décor, this layer is create some more color and make the platter look full.

The Simple Platter

You can create this for a gathering large or small, last minute or weeks in advance!

Happy entertaining!

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