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Tijana Popovic

The blog. I received a reminder the other day that I haven’t posted in a month. I needed to take some time away, reassess and recharge. I love this little blog with all my heart and actually want to help people, OK Oprah. The blog takes a lot of time and energy, sometimes I can’t find either. Then I always come back to the reason: I want to help people live their best life on a frugalista budget. I know it’s possible, but sometimes it feels hopeless. I look at other blogs, they have the same beautiful girl, aesthetic, attend events together and promote similar brands. I’m not that girl. Sometimes I think if I was that girl it would be easier to attract readers. At the same time, I really want to grab people’s attention by living an authentic life, which is probably not as glamorous or perfect.

Then in those hopeless moments there is light. I was at an event and a friend of a friend came over to say hi and that she loves the blog. She told me a story about how she was having a crappy week and ended up buying a really expensive shirt. On the way home in her head she kept thinking, Would Tijana buy this? Would she?  Tijana wouldn’t buy this! I almost cried. Seriously. I helped someone. She didn’t return the shirt but she thought about how hard she worked for it and whether it was worth it. Then there was another friend who after years of searching for her big love, found him and he was perfect for her. This friend is very glamorous, a queen, one might say. I would’ve expected a large wedding with an outstanding dress. Instead she went to a discount wedding dress warehouse and scored her dream dress for much less. She told me how she thought I’d be proud of her. I cried again. Lol. She realized the big wedding and dress weren’t going to make a difference in her love for this man and they had bigger dreams now.  Then there’s my man, who luckily likes his job and makes good money, but who before me loved to spend said money. Hangover shopping and eating out were his favorites. When we met I was not shy to talk about my frugal lifestyle and how I had been able to do so many amazing things on a budget and a contract job. He was quickly on board. Two years after meeting, endless meal planning, monthly budgeting and sacrificing weekends away, we bought a home. In Vancouver.  One of the most expensive cities in North America.  He committed to a frugal lifestyle as a goal and is so proud to have bought us a home. I cried for the joy of our life together and this man who thought my lifestyle was crazy but jumped right in.

So here I am, making a commitment to myself and the people out there who are loyal readers (all five of you), if I can show a handful of people they are able to live their best life with a few small changes, I’ve succeeded. And that’s enough to keep going. 



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