Travel Essentials

Travel EssentialsI recently came back from Spain and was thinking about a few items that really made the trip a lot easier!  Here are my four travel essentials, whether it’s a weekend away or a month long trip these items can save you money and make packing lighter!

  1. THE WATER BOTTLE – Yes, it is a pain in the butt to pack an empty water bottle onto the plane, but in the long run it can save money!  While travelling you need water!  Having a small water bottle like this one will save money on water purchases and easily fit in a day bag or purse.
  2. THE SMALL CROSS BODY PURSE – I wanted a small cross body purse as it seemed easier than carrying something larger.  This purse is great for so many reasons, first it is small so you can walk for hours without back ache, second it is secure with a snap on the outside and a zipper in the middle, the perfect design to detour thieves and lastly it works for day or night!
  3. THE SCARF – Simple to pack, lightweight and versatile.   A scarf can be a blanket when travelling, a shawl when in a cold restaurant and replace a bulky sweater when it’s cold!  I only packed one scarf and made sure the color worked with all the outfits I brought for day or night!
  4. THE RUNNING SHOES – The black Nikes were perfect, they were light so easy to pack and walk for hours, they worked with many different outfits and saved my feet in the end.  Blisters can mean less time walking, so it’s really good to think about comfortable footwear before travelling and to make sure you are able to wear it with the clothing you bring.

Only a few simple tips to help you be frugal with time, money and space while travelling!

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