Upcycled Sideboard

We have a little nook in our living room and needed some more storage but didn’t want anything bulky or messy.  I went on the Craigslist search of a lifetime!  Do you know how hard it is to find a nice sideboard? Hard!  Everyone is trying to sell their grandmother’s heirlooms for thousands of dollars.  What happened to the good old days of free stuff on Craigslist.  After a couple months of searching I found this little sideboard above. They had replaced the legs with ones that didn’t match and were not wood.  Plus these legs made the sideboard knee high, which didn’t work.  A simple paint job and new legs…

Here is the updated modern sideboard.  The piece was $100 off Craigslist which is more than I would usually pay but I liked the look.  Plus I knew it could easily look modern with some paint.  We have a lot of beige and wood in our living room so wanted to bring in a darker piece of décor.  This upcycled modern sideboard does the trick!

Then I wanted to show how easy it would be to style this sideboard with only a few different décor elements.  It is easy to bring a piece like this sideboard to life with a few items you have around the house.  Continue down to see The Nautical, The Romantic, The Rustic.


With a few items such as books, a candle holder and a marquee the sideboard was instantly transformed.  It looked great with the grey and blue tones.

Adding in the cozy blankets completes any living room.


Velvet, pink, and silver bring a romantic feel to the sideboard.  Fresh flowers are a nice touch and this would look great for a party or baby shower.

This works as a temporary desk or a great place to storage extra seating with the ottoman.

By leaning the artwork I didn’t create any holes in the wall and can easily change the décor anytime.  Everyone has an extra closet with décor, right?


Keeping with a more neutral palette the sideboard still shines with the rustic décor.  Using the underneath of the sideboard as storage is a great way to keep items out of the way.

I love the antlers and candles together.  Plus the crock I found for the Christmas tree works great as storage for the firewood.

This axe adds a pop of colour and a piece of décor that fits with the theme.  All the colours work together.

Which one would you choose? Nautical, Romantic or Rustic?  There are endless options to style this sideboard!  By choosing to use metal hairpin legs, keep the wood knobs and go with a black matte paint it allows the sideboard to be very versatile.

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