Vintage Wicker Patio Table Makeover

First, the inspiration.  I was at my local Restore the other day and stumbled upon this beauty for $5!  Although I wasn’t sure where I could use it I knew I had to have it! I was introduced to Restore through the Home Show Upcycle Challenge this year.  It is a wonderful resource for those in North America wanting to do small home renovations or revamping a space with new furniture.  All proceeds go to support Habitat for Humanity.

Vintage Wicker Table Before

Step One: Spray Paint

I decided to spray paint the table as it was not in the best shape and figured this would hide any flaws.  I really like Rustoleum because I never have an issue with their spray heads breaking or not spraying evenly.

Wicker Table Revamp

Step Two: Create a DIY area.

I don’t have a lot of space for DIY’s so the space I use outside I make sure to cover with a tarp, to protect the ground and anything around it.  I also use anything in the garden to keep the tarp weighted because there is nothing worse than finishing up spray painting and a gust of wind throws the tarp into your project, it’s happened, take my word for it.

Vintage Wicker Table

Step Three: Paint the bottom.

I wanted to make sure I had an even coat on the bottom portion.  Also by not painting the top I could flip the table over to get the inside.

Vintage Wicker Table Upcycled

Step Four: Paint the top.

Wicker is hard to spray paint!  There are so many small little nooks, it definitely took a few coats to get it even.

Vintage Wicker Table

Step Five: I should have stopped at step 4.

Ok the white looked too plain so I decided to try some red.  I totally did not like this at all!  Oops!  Onto the next step. Covering up the red.

DIY Vintage Wicker Table

Step Six: Paint the top black.

I didn’t think the white would cover the red so I had a black can of spray paint and used that.  It worked great.  I simply put blue painters tape (which is the best and will never take off your paint) around the edge to keep the white and voila!  A vintage wicker table makeover all ready for patio season.

DIY Vintage Wicker Table

Cost: Vintage Wicker Table: $5, Spray Paint: $8

TOTAL: $12

DIY Vintage Wicker Table


Vintage Wicker Table Makeover


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