Wall Hanging

When you change one piece of décor it seems like a domino effect!  All of a sudden your painting doesn’t work with the colour scheme.  We changed a few items in our dining room and livingroom, then the blue painting we had on the wall looked out of place.

I saw Honestly WTF’s DIY Woven Wall Hanging online and thought it would be a good solution to replacing the painting!  I found the driftwood on the beach in the fall and went to the thrift store for a 50 cent picture frame to use!

I slowly did this project over the dark winter months.  It was really nice to have a project I could pick up in the evening or on the weekend, almost like a book, but in the form of a DIY.  This added great texture and colour to our dining room, and brought the rest of the pieces in our large room together.

I am no expert on wall hangings, that is why I am pointing you over to Honestly WTF’s step by step.  She lays it out very simply and has beautiful photos.

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