DIY or BUY, What To Do When It Comes To Your Wedding?

When we first were engaged I had messages flooding in from everyone saying they couldn’t wait to see what I would DIY for the wedding. I was obviously excited to DIY and made a dream list of everything I wanted to make. Some things I could create on my own, others would go quicker with a team and a few were for Mark (don’t worry he knows). In the wedding planning reality (more on that in a few weeks) DIY’s and décor come much later!  But I couldn’t wait.

After the completion of my first DIY, the wedding invites, it had me thinking of DIY vs BUY, which is better?  Let’s take a look.

INVITES – After going through this DIY over the last couple weeks, I can tell you it cost more and took longer than I ever expected.  In the end I am thrilled with how it turned out and I completed it on a budget, but if I had to do it over I might simply purchase a suite on Etsy and print it at a local shop.  Since I was trying to customize a simple invite, it actually made it a little more difficult. Having a standard 5×7 invite is actually easier, and what print shops are set up to do. Verdict: BUY (and if you want to DIY add some gold leaf to the invite or do a pretty seal on the envelope or wrap the invite up in a beautiful way.)

SIGNS – Every wedding needs signs to direct the guests and insert a bit of fun into the décor.  We are going to DIY the signs (I have a very long list) and this seems a bit daunting.  Does anyone even care?  Lol.  I guess I do.  I have a vision for the party and really think the signs will bring the décor together. I am making these signs with the knowledge I should be able to sell them for the cost of what I will create them for.  After looking online I also think there are some great options on Etsy or free printables you can find that will work.  Think of your theme and look for a style that will fit with the look you are trying to create.  Verdict – DIY or BUY (I am on the fence with this one.  If you have time it’s easy to DIY signs of any material, but if you don’t then find an option within your budget.)

FLORALS – This is a tricky one.  I am trying to do this on a budget and am determined to do my best!  Flowers are expensive, so we are going to try and design them ourselves.  I am doing this with the knowledge that it will take most of the day before, but I have a lot of support and there will be an army of ladies to help.  There are a lot more DIY flower shops now where you can buy your flowers and greenery in bulk, creating what you would like. It’s an affordable way to get the flowers you want, but it’s definitely a time investment.  If you don’t want to DIY then BUY, but make sure to stick within your budget, this is an area that can easily get out of control. Verdict: DIY (It’s easy to find beautiful vases for any budget to go with DIY flowers.)

DECOR: Most of the décor I want I can find second hand, and there won’t be much to DIY.  I have a few smaller projects that I am going to DIY but they are pretty straight forward.  I have already checked off two large items I was going to DIY because I found what I needed on a Facebook bridal swap and it was at a price lower than we could have created the DIY for.  Décor is so personal, and there are so many options to finding what you want from thrifting, bridal swaps, DIY’s and also BUYing what you need.  Verdict: DIY or BUY (Depending on what you need, both options work.  I bought one of our DIY’s since it was more affordable and half the work is done, all we have to do is customize it.)

WHY: Mark said something wonderful the other day.  I was super frustrated with the invites because I couldn’t find an affordable paper option and felt like I was getting nowhere.  He said, Tijana why are you making these?  To save money or because you really want to create them?  Although I wanted to save on the invites, I actually wanted to make something beautiful more.  It was a great moment. Ask yourself WHY.  Don’t simply DIY to say you did or save money, do it because you love it and want to have that experience.  DIY projects definitely take longer, require more trips to the store, but in the end you made something special for you wedding.

I hope these help you get started on your DIY and BUY lists!  As always, make a plan, know what you want and in this case, cost compare to see which option works better for you.


All words and phots by Tijana Popovic of A Plentiful Life

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