Wedding DIY’s Leading Up to the Big Day

When we got engaged in May I knew right away I wanted to have a DIY wedding.  It turns out that DIY weddings are not as cheap as one might think!  Did anyone else have this experience?  You thought you could DIY items for your wedding but when you priced them out in some cases it was more affordable to purchase or a similar price point, check out my article on the subject DIY or BUY.  I was frustrated for a short time because you know how much I LOVE DIY’s!  Mark and I were talking about it and he made a really great point, he told me I had to love the items I was going to DIY or it wouldn’t be enjoyable.  I totally agreed.

In the end I looked at my VERY long DIY list for the wedding and decided to choose the items I would enjoy making or would be a keepsake for our families.  Here is my DIY list.
* INIVITATIONS – I had this vision for the invitations and I knew this was something I wanted to create with a little help from Mark, my mom and a few girlfriends.  Although this process did not go the way I had planned, more on that another day, I am so happy with how the invitations turned out and quite a few guests sent us wonderful notes on how beautiful they were.  My mom has her invitation still bundled together in her china cabinet.
* FLORALS – I originally thought I would make all the centerpieces but in the end I decided the day before the wedding is valuable time and rushing to create all the floral pieces didn’t seem like fun!  I outsourced some greenery I wanted and have decided to order a few wholesale flowers to go in the vases for the tables.  This will be an easy DIY the day before the wedding and won’t take a huge amount of time. Plus it will be a fun DIY for all the ladies to do together!
* DECOR – After searching various rental houses in Vancouver and knowing my love for thrift shopping, I decided to DIY the décor.  I, of course, made a plan of all the décor I would need, then whenever I find something I check it off my list. The list will help me stay on budget as well.  I found all of my brass décor at the Salvation Army Thrift Store and am so lucky to live close to two stores.  I pop in every once in a while after work or on the weekend to see if they have new brass pieces and buy as many as I can.
I would highly recommend the Salvation Army Thrift Store if you are looking for DIY wedding décor.  They have new items in store all the time and unique pieces depending on your theme.  I find having a couple store close to me, you can search here to find your nearest store, it is much easier to search for wedding décor.  I tried looking online for resellers but it took a lot of work, sometimes the items were really far away and overpriced. Has anyone else found their wedding décor at the Salvation Army Thrift Store? If so I would love to see it!  Post a picture below.


I hope you choose items to DIY for your wedding that you love!  I think it can be really easy to get caught up in all the little details, but only you will notice!  If you are still unsure what you should DIY or BUY be sure to check out  my article with what I have discovered so far.

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