What Is Frugal?

Take The Bull By The Horns

Life has been busy lately and everything I am passionate about seems to have fell to the side.   It had me thinking a lot about what Frugal means to me, and I realized it is more than saving a few dollars or getting a great deal.  Frugal is about taking time for what you love, cooking delicious meals, living the life you want, creating less waste, being conscious of your actions and looking at money in a different way.  Frugal is a lifestyle.

This Frugalista is trying to find a routine in the new house and it has been hard, I am definitely out of my comfort zone, but maybe that is a good thing!  It has forced me to not only look at my routine but where I can make changes, in order to make time for what I am passionate about and maybe where I can save money.

Here are a few ideas on saving time and money in the new house:

  • We live in an area with a 94 point walk score.  As of May 1 I am going carless for 4 months as a test.  This will be a savings of almost $600 per month with gas, insurance, and parking.  I will obviously have some transit and car share expenses but I will try and keep these low.
  • The new house has great natural light!  And with natural light comes energy.  I am trying to start work earlier, around 7am, so I have time for blogging and the occasional audition but still get all my work done.  Starting my day earlier has made me feel as though I accomplish so much in a day, and that is a wonderful feeling.
  • Use what we have!  It is easy to spend money when you are in a new space.  The excitement of moving, wanting to create a beautiful space, but I am not about going into debt over decorating.  I have used my Salvation Army coupon for $10 off $25 or more to get new outdoor pots for plants, we sold numerous items on Craigslist to help with new purchases and it’s amazing what a little paint can do to bring new life to old items.
These are only a few ideas to keep costs down on the new place and to treat time more valuably.  I will keep you posted on how it goes!  Wish me luck without a car, I am a little nervous.  I am taking the bull by the horns and trying to create the life I want, which may not be what everyone else is doing but it works for me!

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